‘Batman: The Audio Adventures’ trailer starring Jeffrey Wright is out now

Here is another cherry on the cake while fans take the countdown for the Batman Day celebrations. HBO Max has released the trailer of Batman:  The Audio Adventures, a podcast series narrating the tale of life and death in Gotham City starring Jeffrey Wright as the protagonist. 

The 10-episode audio series is a comedic take on the adventures of the caped crusader, which is an exceptional approach on the otherwise dark tone of the recent versions of DC’s Batman adaptations. 

This series draws inspiration from 1960s Batman which had a spirited, fun mood.

Wright’s Batman is heard saying “What’s the situation, Commissioner?” in the opening of the trailer.

Wright, the Golden Globe, and Emmy winning actor is currently the voice of Watcher in Marvel’s animated series What If…?.

Interestingly, the American actor will play the role of Commissioner Gordon in live-action with the director Matt Reeves’ in the much-awaited film titled The Batman starring Robbert Pattison as the dark knight. 

We will hear Rosario Dawson as Cat Woman in the audio series. The podcast is written and directed by SNL Emmy-winning scribe and producer Dennis McNicholas. 

Be ready to hear how a billionaire in a bat costume tackles Mafioso Penguins, Thieving Catwomen, Terrorist Riddlers and Killing Jokers in Gotham city. The series will be aired on HBO Max on 18 September, which is officially the Batman Day. 

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