ACK Media launches ‘Nation Builders’

This Republic Day,  ACK-Media – the leading education and entertainment company for children, launches ‘Nation Builders’, a collection of 20 carefully chosen Amar Chitra Katha titles dedicated to some of the stalwarts and visionaries who helped shape our country. The titles include ‘Ashoka’, ‘Chandragupta Maurya’, ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’ and many other stories of personalities we may already be familiar with, but are definitely worth revisiting. Our country’s fight for independence started long ago, even before the arrival of East India Company, when India was just a conglomerate of independent states and kingdoms. For centuries, India attracted invaders and plunderers from around the world eager to seize her wealth and share her prosperity. Some stayed and made the land their home, integrating into the Indian society. From time to time, India has witnessed the birth of heroes and leaders who have built spectacular monuments, brought about radical reforms, and encouraged cultural movements. Every one of them was willing to fight for the independence of their kingdoms till the last breath. These heroes were of different origins, ruled different dynasties, and belonged to different time periods, but each one of them had a part to play in the building of our nation as we know it today, and it is to them that Amar Chitra Katha ‘Nation Builders’ pays tribute on the 65th Republic Day of our country. “These stories deserve to be told for generations to come. It is through them that we keep the history of our country alive. We have always tried to make it possible for our readers to connect with the stories and draw inspiration from them. The response from them has been stupendous.” said Reena Puri, Editor of Amar Chitra Katha. The collection will be available at all leading bookstores from next week onwards at Rs.950/-. A collection that will make this Republic Day special!!