AAN Comics in association with HarperCollins set to launch ‘The Warrior Pack’

With the objective of bringing the war heroes into the public consciousness,  AAN Comics in association with HarperCollins is all set to launch a box set of war comics The Warrior Pack,  which includes 24 illustrated stories of the brave Indian Armed Forces who have been awarded the Ashok Chakra for their outstanding courage, valour, and daring in military operations.

The stories will emphasize the contemporary military history of India. The warrior series intends to drag the reader into reality by bursting the ignorance bubble. With a bold, in-your-face approach, the comics will inform the reader that the nation’s freedom, rights, and stability are paid for in blood by someone somewhere wearing a uniform.

Narrating the vision behind the launch of The Warrior Pack, AAN Comics founder Rishi Kumar told Animation Xpress, “These war stories are much more than comic books and should not be dismissed as such. They are a combination of martyrs’ tribute, military history, war, geopolitics, and art merged into real-life illustrated stories that will make any reader proud of their armed forces and inculcate a strong message of ‘country first and always’, which will be a paradigm shift. The objective of coming out with these illustrated stories is to bring our war heroes into the public consciousness.”

He further added, “These picture-graphic war stories depict what all of our warriors have to endure and go through in order to provide victory, freedom, honour, and dignity to the country in their fight against the enemy, both foreign and domestic, in the most hostile conditions ranging from deserts to snow mountains and all the way into the jungles.”

The Warrior Pack will be released on 25 April and can be purchased from AAN Comics official website for Rs 1,899.