AAN Comics celebrates 50 years of  Indo-Pak War 1971 with its new comic book featuring General Sagat Singh

AAN Comics have always highlighted the war heroes of India and now it is coming up with a new comic book featuring General Sagat Singh. The 48 pages long comic book will be released in December coinciding with the golden jubilee celebration of the Indo-Pak war 1971.

AAN Comics founder Rishi Kumar told Animation Xpress, “The new comic book will feature the childhood and life achievements of General Sagat Singh. He struggled a lot and was instrumental in the liberation of Bangladesh. As AAN Comics has always been involved in the making of comics on war heroes, we are well known in the Indian Army. Army’s South Western command approached us to get the comic done and even ADGPI (the public relation wing of the Indian Army) is involved in this project.”

It took two long years for the publisher to complete the comic book as they are working on other titles. General Sagat Singh is a linear story based on facts; it is a biography in comic book format. As there are no in-house designers or artists working for AAN Comics, Kumar is the one who did the penciling and inking for the comic book, and for colouring, lettering, and designing the process was outsourced. 

AAN Comics has published many popular war-heroes and freedom battle-based comic books including BattleField Siachen, Nayak Ramvir Singh Tomar, Niranjan, Lieutenant General Bagat, Rifleman Sanjay Sahi, and many more. On asking about what kind of response AAN Comics received from the readers, Kumar said, “From the armed forces the response has been great but the response from the civilians is low when compared to the military. This could be because our visibility in the military is more. But once you put these comics in front of the civilian crowd, the response is overwhelming and very positive.”

The publisher has too many titles in the pipeline including Stories of 1971 War Heroes which is the story of an officer who led deep behind enemy lines, A Commando Raid, two stories on Ashoka Chakra Awardees, A Story of Forgotten Battle in 1965, Biography of Indian War Hero Col.Rinchen, followed by a few stories on battles.

Speaking about the publishing plans of the upcoming comic books, Kumar clarified, “Next comic books will start its release from January onwards and as the projects keep coming, they are published accordingly. The collection of stories on the 1971 Indo-Pak war shall be released next month to commemorate the 50 years of the Indo-Pak war of 1971.”

On asking whether AAN Comics is looking forward to publishing another genre comic book, Kumar concluded, “This topic has crossed my mind several times. I am certainly thinking of jumping into the science fiction and paranormal genre and hopefully, it may happen in mid-2022 because to start fresh, I have to finish all my pending projects.”

Lieutenant General Sagat Singh comic book will be released on 16 December 2021.