Exclusive: ETV Bal Bharat to launch its third homegrown IP ‘Pandeyji Pehalwan’ in April; makers share insights

After the two successful original home-grown IPs Abhimanyu – The Young Yodha and Chotu Lambu and Robu, ETV Bal Bharat is all set to launch its third original IP Pandeyji Pehalwan on 4 April. 

Pandeyji Pehalwan is a desi-drama, action/slapstick comedy show which features Pandeyji, super-hero of Kailashpur and is considered as one of the strongest men in the world who can solve all the problems of the people. Pandeyji is always there to help whenever the residents of  the village face a problem.

Reliance Animation has done the animation for the show. Describing the characterisation of Pandeyji Pehalwan, Reliance Animation CEO Tejonidhi Bhandare told Animation Xpress, “Pandeyji Pehelwan is a non-aggressive, chilled out, humble guy who doesn’t carry an ego or superhero attitude. He uses his powers in unconventional ways to help people. His funny style will win the hearts of young audiences. Being a bundle of positivity, he never gets angry/agitated (which sometimes frustrates the villains), and in difficult situations he can always point out the positives and cheer people up.”

Source: Reliance Animations

Talking about the upcoming show, ETV Bal Bharat head of content Rajeshwari Roy said, “Pehalwan characters are always famous among kids. Lots of comics books are available featuring pehalwans, but nobody has made an animated show featuring them as titular characters till now. Being a desi-hero, Pandeyji speaks in an Allahabadi accent which makes it easier for him to connect with kids. The story is curated in a fun way and has been kept very grounded to make it more relatable and connecting.”

The series comprises of 52 standalone episodes which will feature Pandeyji with the bunch of crazy, quirky, lovable, adorable and sometimes mischievous side characters and explores their antics in Kailashpur, where they navigate through not so ordinary situations and Pandeyji uses his wit and strength to save the day.

More than 100 artists have been working on this show for over a year now and 26 episodes are ready for the launch.

Commenting on the association with ETV Bal Bharat, Bhandare shared, “It’s been a fantastic association. Both the teams were clear on how the show should pan out and we will be keen to see the performance of the show. It’s a long term relationship and we will love to continue working with them and create more such homegrown concepts moving forward.”

Pandeyji Pehalwan is all set to entertain kids from 4 April, 9:00 am and 6:30 pm only on ETV Bal Bharat.