GAFX 2018 boasts of a polished speaker line-up

As the mega conference of GAFX 2018 inches closer, a line up of speakers has been officially announced. From animation maestros to VFX veterans, the list is graced by notable names of the global and indigenous sphere. With the session details of the conference making its way out to the audience, it’s imperative to take note of the initial batch, as it looks to be extremely promising! Here is the initial list of speakers and topics:   ‘Shaping of The Shape of Water’ Luke Groves ‘Visual Effects Supervisor/Producer- Mr.X               ‘Making of the VR film The Last GoodbyeJason Schugardt VR VFX Supervisor and Head – 3D Moving Picture Company – LA             ‘Making of VFX of PADMAAVATPrasad Sutar Co-founder/VFX Supervisor-NY VFXWAALA                   ‘Making of the 2018 National Award winning Best Animation Film TOKRI:The BasketSuresh Eriyat Director-Studio Eeksaurus Productions Pvt. Ltd.               Talk on ‘Making of Nike Mercurial Launch Installation’ showcased at Nike’s annual Innovation Summit Adam Grint Creative Director – Emerging Technology The Mill, London             ‘Talk on Replicating Rachael for Blade Runner 2049Tom Reed Head of Rigging-MPC                 ‘Talk on Making of Troll HuntersPhilippe Gluckman Chief Creative Officer-88 Pictures                 ‘Return of the Jungle @ GAFX (Test screening of the work in progress Hindi animation feature film Return of the Jungle followed by talk & Q&A session.)’ Vaibhav Kumaresh Director, Vaibhav Studios, Mumbai             While the list further includes stalwarts from the industry, who will be present at GAFX 2018, a few topics of panel discussions seem to be the perfect match. The discussion of the panels will include a varied array or topics ranging from Women in Animation to The rise of VFX in regional content, other topics include The emergence of Streaming Platforms and Financing in Animation. Apart from the aforementioned list of speakers, the international and indigenous buyers present at the B2B AVGC Summit will also be taking part in the panel discussions and share their valuable insights, in real-time. Here is the full list of speakers: We’re sure that you would be looking up to register yourself for the conference right now ! For more information on the event, registration and sponsorship opportunities, please visit: or call Mr. Amit Singh on: +91 9886998719.