WWI Cinema 100: A Delight for Animators

To monument the 100 shining years of Indian Cinema, Subhash Ghai with the students & faculties of his Whistling Woods International organized ‘Cinema 100’, A 3 day fest for Cinema Lovers from 1-3rd June at Whistling Woods International Saluting the glorious years of Indian Cinema, WWI added to the Indian Animation Glory by organizing upper crust Animation & Vfx Workshops and Seminars. The Animation & Vfx workshops and seminars conducted at ‘Cinema 100’ are as follows: Animation Stop Motion Workshop WWI Head of animation Dhananjay Khore & senior faculty Jasbinder Singh along with WWI senior Animation students conducted an Animation Stop Motion Workshop on the 2nd day of the ‘Cinema 100’. The attendees for the workshop were briefed about the various mediums of animation & explained the difference between 2D, 3D & Stop Motion Animation. This workshop taught the attendees various aspects of understanding the importance of ‘Posing for Stop Motion Animation’ WWI also showcased their stop motion movies which were aesthetically as well as technically incredible. In this workshop, the attendees were divided into two groups and stop motion (pixilation) exercises were conducted with them. Step by step, the teams were told to change their poses & pics were clicked. After the completion of the exercises, a complete stop motion movie of the attendees was created by WWI and showcased to them. An addition to the stop motion tasks, Light Animation was also brought into picture for the attendees. Maya Digital Studios-2d to 3d Conversion of Sholay Kitne Aadmi The? Yes, you’ve got it right! It’s the world class Sholay, Directed by Ramesh Sippy. We’ve heard about Sholay coming in 3D but never knew it would be so very captivating until its first glimpse was showcased at Cinema 100. WWI organized a seminar on 2D to 3D Conversion of Sholay. The conversion to 3D Sholay is undertaken by Maya Digital Studios, the studio that pioneered the art & technology of Computer Animation & Visual Effects in India. The seminar conducted by Maya, was both entertaining and enlightening. While highlighting about the many challenges encountered during the conversion process, the seminar also explained the nuances in 2D to 3D conversion in a simple manner. The actual conversion task has been a lot more complicated for Maya though, since their team had to individually work on all separate elements within each frame of the film; and totally work on 285120 frames to convert the legendary masterpiece Sholay from 2D to 3D. Workshop on 3d Film Making by Sony Media & Technology Centre When it comes to 3d the viewers are always excited but, do we really know what aspects to keep in mind while viewing a 3d movie & how interesting can viewing a 3d image be? The answer to all these queries was this workshop on 3d film making conducted by Sundaresan Malatur of Sony Media Technology Centre. Sundaresan focused on the use of stereoscopic cameras & shared information on how a human eye perceives 3d images. Also, he informed about various flaws that need to be examined while watching a 3d film. A variety of 3d music videos, wild life films and underwater clips were showcased to the attendees to understand 3d better. Interaxial Distance, Image and Vertical Misalignment were the areas that were discussed. Vfx Workshop Vfx workshop on Green Screen Compositing was conducted by Syam Sundar Basina & Senior Vfx students of WWI. The workshop informed the attendees on the ins and outs of using a Green Screen Usage. The attendees were shown how to shoot on a green screen & an example of interaction between double role characters was the task achieved at the session. Complete exercise of creating interaction between double roles & replacing green screen with a background was shown on software. Understanding depth of field in a particular image was also shared. Also, technical knowledge and tweaking footage time by using time remapping tool to match the interaction of characters shot on green screen and how to color correct the foreground footage matching with the background color temperature was discussed. Speaking on the success of Cinema 100, Chaitanya Chinchlikar, Vice President, Business Development, Whistling Woods International, shared, “Cinema 100 was a tribute to the past 100 years of Indian Cinema from the students of Whistling Woods. When the event was conceptualized, we decided that, in addition to the exhibitions, we would expose film enthusiasts to the core function of Whistling Woods – Education. Hence we structured certain workshops on key aspects of the Media & Entertainment industry enabled film enthusiasts to experience the same first hand and get exposed to what is involved in the specific area of the industry. Workshops ranged from 60 minutes to 4 hours. Topics for the workshops were Acting, Cinematography, Song Picturisation, Animation, VFX, Music, Screenwriting, Choreography, Still Photography, Colorization of films, 2D to 3D conversion of Films, 3D filmmaking and Anchoring & Live Newsroom Management. We have over 500 attendees for these workshops which were complimentary to attend and included hands on experiences for the attendees. The response was terrific with us conducting several of these workshops repeatedly over the 3 days as demanded by the attendees. We are considering making these workshops a regular event and hope to enlighten more film-focused minds on the intricacies of the industry.” connect@animationxpress.com