WCG Mumbai Preliminaries kick off with Fardeen, Arbaaz and Channel V

Hakone at the Hiranandani Powai was the destination where everyone seemed to be headed for saturday morning. Reason: The World Cyber Games Mumbai preliminaries. As reported by Animation ‘xpress earlier this month, Samsung is going all out to see that the games recieve a lot of attention this year, at least from the potential players and Samsung consumers.
LET US IN: The crowd gathers as the event flags off.
The venue was choc a bloc with youngsters and the media alike. Though what stuck as odd was the absence of the fairer sex. The only few were either from the media or organisers and of course there was the strikingly beautiful Channel V vj Sarah James who very clearly proclaimed that she was a tomboy. So, Is gaming in India a pre-dominantly male domain??? That seems to be a good subject for further study. Coming back to the event, one as part of the fourth estate did feel guilty to be escorted straight in, while hundreds of gaming enthus wrestled at the entrance. Talking about gaming, Samsung India IT Products marketing manager Anshul Punhani was all smiles, pleased as he was to a punch, with the response that the games had recieved. The 2 stars Fardeen and Arbaaz Khan both attracted a lot of media attention and it was a sight to see the lensmen asking the stars to pose. The gainer was gaming, coz the stars all posed with fingers on the keyboard and eyes to the screen. Arbaaz on being quizzed by Animation ‘xpress about his thoughts on gaming as an addictive habit and whether he would allow his kids to play? said that, “I wouldn’t like my kids to be addicted to anything. As far as gaming is concerned, it is a healthy way of keeping onself mentally alert and stimulated.” Sarah who really was enjoying playing and trying her hardest to beat opponents like Arbaaz seemed to be well informed. Said she to Animation ‘xpress, “Gaming is a really engrossing and stimulating medium. You would be amazed to see the kind of graphics and animation work that goes into each game. And you know what there’s a lot of Indians in gaming the world over.” Screw the Rules – “We’ll make it to SF”
Screw the Rules - "We'll make it to SF"
Animation ‘xpress then chatted up with a team that had come to participate at WCG. The team called themselves STR – Screw The Rules and comprised of a group of 5 20 odd year olds. “We are crazy about gaming said Ronak the captain. Our parents are oblivious to the fact that we actually play daily.” The vice captain Neel however reassured that “We have all come equipped with parental permissions for the WCG, as particpating in a contest this big was a matter of prestige and parents always care for it.” Is that a message for the game developer community? Hold more reputed contests and parents will sanction gaming for their children. connect@animationxpress.com