VlogBox partners with BeaniTV to bring child-safe viewing habits to the forefront

VlogBox, a global over-the-top (OTT) app development, advertising, and monetization platform for content creators and publishers, has started cooperation with Beani.tv, a children’s TV brand founded by the former head of Disney TV and TV Animation, Dean Valentine and Vidstart founder and CEO Rotem Gindi.

This new cooperation initiative is expected to increase Beani.tv’s monetization yields. On the other hand, this will further VlogBox’s existing presence in the Kids space as well as provide its demand partners with a new inventory offer. Both parties feel confident that this cooperation will generate significantly increased revenue.

The Beani.tv app supports fun and safe video content for kids, including everything from entertaining songs to educational content, all designed to spark a feeling of connection between kids and their parents. All videos published on the Beani.tv app are chosen by the company’s team members and not via data algorithms. Such a diligent approach to the kid’s content vertical has become close to VlogBox’s own values.

Valentine said, “We’re very excited to launch our cooperation with VlogBox. We expect their innovative worth with OTT audience extension will help drive Beani.tv forward. I hope the results won’t keep us waiting.”

According to VlogBox CEO Nikita Platonenko, the company will connect Beani.tv with exclusive demand sources that will appeal to the intended audience, kids, while sticking to the innovative policy standards. 

Platonenko said, “This represents a significant achievement for VlogBox as Beani.tv is a trailblazer in kid’s entertainment. We are proud of being trusted, especially when it comes to kids-related issues. Our COPPA certification keeps both small viewers and the brand protected. We are confident that VlogBox’s proven track record of success in the OTT and CTV fields will ensure we can provide significant monetization yields, and our support will ensure Beani.tv grows as a brand too.”