VlogBox creates an A to Z Movie Box for Echelon Studios

Echelon Studios, film distribution, and licensing company, creates its second channel A to Z Movie Box on popular OTT platforms. This decision has been driven by Echelon’s ambition to make its diverse movie and music library available across platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.  

Echelon Studio’s library includes over 15000 classic movies as well as featuring top music artists like Madonna and Amy Winehouse; however, it’s also home to independent Chinese films, documentaries, and shorts. 

Echelon Studios licensing and acquisition manager Pin Chia said, “We’re very excited to bring our movie heritage onto the CTV screens in front of millions of US viewers. Americans of Chinese descent and immigrants have always tried to cultivate and save their native traditions in the family hearth. Sharing this content with broad US audiences can bring more freedom, unity and mutual respect, so we hope A-Z movies will become a kind of the umbrella under which families from all cultural backgrounds gather just to have a great time.”

It’s the second time Echelon Studios decided to go with VlogBox as the CTV app developer of choice. Previously, VlogBox made Top rated movies – an aggregator that features some of the most prominent movies of all time. 

Vlogbox CEO Nick Platonenko said, “Things are going to be a little bit different now, as we already know each other and understand each other’s customer values. We’re happy to become part of something that goes beyond pure monetization. It’s all about art and making people notice it.The success story with Top rated movies, was a good start of a long-term friendship, and we hope the third channel is just around the corner.”