VedAtma Studios Working on Animation Series- ‘Garutmaan’;Full Length Feature- ‘Mahaatman ‘and DVD Series ‘Daasa’

New superhero’s are on the way to unfold their stories as Bengaluru based VedAtma Animation Studios, is out to set a trend of action superhero’s with its animation series ‘Garutmaan’, ‘Full Length Feature Film Mahatmaan’. And are also working on a animated DVD Pack titled ‘Daasa’. Jumpstarted this year and with a motto of bringing out unique creative waves in the realm of animation filmmaking, this studio is spearheaded by B.S.Srinivas and his vision with these stories is to bring to life a generation of unmatched animated India superheroes that represent our country across the globe. You will surely groove into the fresh story lines and characters of these series! And a detailed look at it unveils that Garutmaan – The Winged Fighter, is also known as ‘Garuda’ the divine vehicle of Lord Vishnu, and will be a 10X20 minutes episodic series showing the journey of a warrior who realizes his powers to transform as a winged fighter when challenged by evil. In this series, the antagonist is played Takshaka, a serpent-man who is out to destroy the world with his evil powers and establishes supremacy through his underworld. Garutmaan would be available as television content and also DVD release and Vedatma is also looking to a non theatrical as well as a theatrical release. Coming to ‘Mahatmaan – The Supreme Being, is a 90 minute full length feature and will be released as DVD revolving around the journey of protagonist Jaitra, who is a common man, but without his knowledge and control, he transforms into Mahatmaan, the superhero to fight against the evil forces led by ruler, Ravula. And, spilling beans about ‘Daasa’, who is known as the humble servant god, it will be a pack of 10 DVD’s having 6 mythological hymns in the form of animated representations showing the visualisation of the great saints of India. Revealing the reasons of choosing these story lines for Garutmaan and Mahatmaan, B.S.Srinivas,  CEO of VedAtma and Director of these series, shares his thoughts with’s  Zeenia Boatwala by saying, “The character of the mighty Garuda as Garutmaan and the powerful Hanuman as Mahatmaan has never been significantly dwelt before in the animation industry and secondly this was chosen to project our country’s flying superheroes and show that India’s superhero’s also hold much potential.” Adding more to the idea behind choosing Daasa, he says, “It has never been explored before and will be an interesting educational treat for today’s youth who wish to know more about the unknown myths of the almighty.” Not only for kids! But these animation series appeal to mass auds! Assorted animation mediums have been brought into picture for each series with Garutmaan, being a mix of 2D and 3D Animation, Mahatmaan, coming out as 3D stereoscopic series whereas Daasa will give out a 2D Animation appeal. Emphasizing more on the animation mediums used in Mahatmaan and Daasa, he says, “We have a very strong vision and conviction of the content that we are creating for Mahatmaan being produced in stereoscopic 3D and motion capture and the approach is as per the global standards without compromising on quality. Adds more, “For Daasa, 2D animation was a must as thousands of hymns have to be produced and time is crucial factor.” Extensive research has been in the line- up for justifying the story and for the same, B.S.Srinivas is reading lots of scriptures and mythological stories related to Garuda and Hanuman in addition to paying visits to various temples in India and Abroad. And, why would these superheroes work? He informs more, “We strongly feel that this series will definitely as India has still not witnessed larger than life superheroes added to which an adventurous story laden with twists in tale set in a fantasy world which makes watching an exciting experience.” One chief challenge in creating ‘Daasa’ is that the team has to understand the meaning of each hymn before going on to the storyboards and then later create the characters using their own imagination. Highlighting more on the inspiration behind creating Garutmaan, B.S. Srinivas, asserts, “It is my devotion towards the divine eagle god Garuda and the monkey god Hanuman and hence I chose to portray them as the original and the biggest flying superheroes the earth has ever witnessed.” Mahatmaan and Garutmaan will also be released as a comic book composed of 100 pages  as well a a gaming app for all platforms. And the good news coming in is that Vedatma has got positive response from various channels for airing the series and finalised on mass DVD production and distribution with a major media house. “Every industry has challenges and animation is no different. We have all planning in place which has considerably reduced the challenges but quality manpower problems exist though it is being addressed by our education arm-Arena Animation-Malleswaram and Rajajinagar-Bangalore which has eased our problems”, concludes, B.S. Srinivas.