VanArts extends deadline to apply for 50 per cent scholarship program for Ukrainian students

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) had announced a 50 per cent scholarship for their one-year diploma programs starting 6 September 2022, exclusively for citizens of Ukraine who are fleeing their country into Canada under the CUEAT program. Earlier, the deadline to apply for the scholarship was 31 July 2022, it has now been extended by the institute.

As per the official website, now the application will be accepted until 26 August 2022.

These scholarships will be 50 per cent less than the current tuition fees mentioned for international students.

Earlier, in March during the Ukraine crisis, VanArts announced that they will give 25 refugees an opportunity to launch a career by offering 25 full tuition scholarships for any of VanArts’ 12-month programs, in fields such as animation, game design, visual effects and photography.

The other advantages of the scholarship programs starting this September are:

• Financial assistance from the Canadian government is readily available to apply for. Offers include a one-time benefit of $3,000 and six months of up to $935/month for single adults.

• Students in Canada under the CUEAT program are granted work permits for working in Canada after graduation.

• The demand for jobs is booming in the industries they train for, with major film and animation studios expanding and opening facilities in Vancouver.

• VanArts has 23 students from Ukraine already studying with them, and a vibrant community of international students. All will get a homely feeling.

VanArts, founded in 1995 with Academy-Award winning animator/director Lee Mishkin as its founding program director, recognises the industry’s need for a skilled and specialised workforce. For over 25 years VanArts has offered a variety of highly focused diploma programs designed to prepare students for work in specific areas of the media arts including visual effects production, game art and design, character animation, professional photography, acting for film and television, and web development & design.