Valentine’s Day: Here are 5 ‘power couples’ that’d make you say goals!

It’s Valentine’s Day and we have a treat for you all. We have handpicked the five animated duos that we all love, relate and get inspired from in some way or the other. For all you precious single lads and lovely couples, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mr Incredible & Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

To give a clue as to why we find this couple adorable, here’s a reference to a particular scene from the movie:

The film starts off with our superheroes’ interview where Mr Incredible (Bob) mentions how he wants a simple life and wants to raise a family. This is a contrast to Elastigirl (Helen who does not want to settle down. Cut to their wedding anniversary night, Helen is not impressed with the fact that Bob is late. When Bob mentions that she needs to be more flexible, Helen seriously tells him that he needs to be more than Mr Incredible if they want their marriage to work. Unable to tell the truth about getting fired from his job, he lies and claims that they are sending him to a conference. Not believing his story, Helen (and her kids) tracks him down, and finds him hugging Mirage (suspecting of an affair), which sets her off. Her first instinct is to punch the other woman, and rant about his infidelity. He grabs her as she yells at him, and pulls her in for a kiss, claiming that he would never betray a woman like her. 

Their relationship is so genuine and realistic as it showcases not just the positives but also the negatives of a relationship. They lose a bit of themselves after starting a family with one another, and we really get to see how couples are in daily life. A lot of chemistry and love between the two, and they are just intense either way.

Nala & Simba (The Lion King)

Simba and Nala should truly be ranked as the best animated couple even if they are lions, not humans. As young cubs, Nala and Simba were often teased and paired which, for obvious reasons, used to gross them out. As the feline duo grew up, so did their love and support for each other. We all know the story, Simba runs away because Scar convinces him that he killed his father so that Scar could become King of the Jungle. With all this going on we have to give it up to Nala for being a strong, independent, persuasive young lioness! She bosses Simba around from a young age, and he actually listens to her. He rightfully takes the throne from his backstabbing murderer uncle, but he couldn’t have done it without his queen. 

It is heartening to see Simba, despite being the king of the jungle, obeying his queen.

Carl and Eve (Wall-E)

WALL-E first notices Eve after a dust storm. When Eve is first seen in the movie, she is hostile. After meeting WALL-E, she begins to warm up. Eve hardly notices WALL-E who followed her out of adoration. She was even hostile towards him at first when she almost shot him but eventually befriended him when they formally introduced each other. WALL-E then takes her to his trailer and shows her all the treasures that he has collected over the years. She was dedicated to her mission in scanning for any signs of self-sustaining plant life on earth. WALL-E is very affectionate and selflessly in love with Eve. After numerous obstacles, eventually, Eve falls in love with him. Eve and WALL-E share a tender moment, holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes, and sharing a kiss. Then they begin dating and help humans make earth sustainable and beautiful again.

So what makes them special? It is the undeniable fact that though they are robots, they showed human emotions which the humans in the movie had forgotten about. Together with the help and support of each other, they managed to save humanity. The love, care and concern for one another is what makes them unique. 

Aang and Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The young airbending Avatar, Aang, is smitten by Katara as soon as he sees her. He has the heart of a grown warrior, but the personality of an extremely joyful child. Then by contrast, Katara has the mind-set of a wise adult, but she still has the heart of a young woman. When it comes to Katara, she eventually grows to love the fun-loving, determined hero too. Highlighting two very young lovers that start off with opposite personalities, but after embarking on a grand journey together, the seed of a genuine relationship is sown. Their adventure across the four elemental nations has inspired and fascinated fans across the world. In short, these two complete one another perfectly, they have great chemistry, and some really cute moments.

Carl and Ellie (Up)

Sharing their childhood together, in the best eight minutes of any Pixar animation ever, we get to discover a true love story that Carl shared with the love of his life, Ellie. We see them get married, paint their home, lay under the clouds, attempt to save money for a trip, experience tragedy when they miscarry, plan adventures, break bones and grow old together. In a serious heart wrenching moment, Ellie passes away, due to an ailment, leaving Carl alone with his balloons and their lovely home. It is incredibly sad, though they truly did experience a life of love and adventure with one another.

What is even more heartwarming is the premises of the movie itself! To keep the promise made to Ellie of visiting the wilds of South America (which has been his dream when she was alive), Carl ends up going on this trip in his old age by tying thousands of balloons to his house.