Vaibhav Studios creates ‘Chulbuli‘ mascot for Clinic Plus

What are little girls like? Naughty, talkative, playful. Mumbai based Vaibhav Studios has created a Chulbuli mascot for Clinic Plus and a couple of animated TVCs where the mischievous squeaky voiced Chulbuli propagates hygiene through clean, healthy hair. The film was worked on by 15 artists which included animation directors, animators, in-between artists, scanning and ink and paint artists, compositors and studio assistants. The Chulbuli campaign has one master 30 second film, which took four weeks through pre-production and production. Also there is a three minute film titled ‘Adventures of Chulbuli‘ which is currently being shown in schools in various parts of India to promote shiny and hygienic hair, and of course, the product: Clinic Plus! This film was completed in one month to meet a very tight deadline. Speaking to Animation about the challenges faced while making the ad, Director of Vaibhav Studios‘ Vaibhav Kumaresh shared, “The challenges were more creative and production related rather than technical. To achieve consistent quality in both the 30 second as well as the three minute film within very tight timelines was our biggest challenge. To overcome this, every member of the team had to put in 200% of his/ her effort, time and involvement. That was the only way!” A Chulbuli doll offer film was made as well, where stopmotion was used to animate the doll. These films have been additionally dubbed in six regional languages. Other than animation several illustrations of Chulbuli and her friends have also been created for the print campaign. Speaking further about the creative challenges Vaibhav commented, “The creative challenge on this one was the character design and development. We had been given the responsibility to create a little mascot that could carry an entire brand on her head (literally!!). We had to not only create a character but also the situations and environments that we would see her in: her house, her mother, her adventures, her friends, her pets, and her voice!! This gave us a lot of freedom and control in building Chulbuli‘s personality.” The commercial required a fresh look to compliment Chulbuli and above all it had to be simple enough to facilitate quick production. On the animation front, the first part of the story has more emphasis on visual action, while the second part is more of ‘emotions‘ and ‘acting‘ and ‘performance‘. Overall, the storytelling had to be simple enough for the concept of ‘Muh Haath Baal‘ to register. Script by Lowe Advertising and Directed by Vaibhav Kumaresh, music for the Chulbuli TVC was composed by Tapas Relia accompanied by the voices of Chulbuli by Aparnaa Bhaagwat and Sneha Suresh, sound design by Camille Polycarp, 4D and -Gaurav Chopra, and produced by Vaibhav Studios.

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