Toonz, Impact Vision Geet Mahabharat attracts attention at MIPCOM

An Impact Vision and Toonz Animation co-production, Geet Mahabharat the animated musical programme of songs from the epic Mahabharat has returned after a successful screening at MIPCOM. Speaking about the latest developments on the project, P. Jayakumar, CEO, Toonz shared with Animation, “The international pilot episode with English narration and Hindi animated songs featuring Rahul Bose as the anchor attracted a lot of attention when shown at the Toon Boom display at MIPCOM ’06. Not just NRIs but major international players have shown interest in various aspects of the project such as VCD/ DVD, games, webcasting, merchandising and the like.” With sixty three artists from Toonz working on the project currently, research and work on the script and lyrics started at Impact Vision nearly 3 years back and work at Toonz on the animation started in December ’05. Mughal miniatures and Rajastan paintings were studied for the background style. Toon Boom Harmony, a new 2D technology was adopted by Toonz to increase the efficiency in production. Currently in the pre-production stage, Geet Mahabharat has over seven hundred minutes of animation spread over fifty two episodes with a hundred and fifty songs. Satish Mutatakar, Founder and CEO, Impact Vision concluded by saying, “‘Geet Mahabharat’ is an attempt to bring the grand epic to mainstream Indian Television in an attractive Animated Musical form. There is a whole generation of young parents in their thirties with young kids out there with just a nodding acquaintance with the epic and enormous curiosity about it, which we will try and satisfy.”

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