TeamTO, CAKE, France Télévisions, Canal+ and Super RTL kick off ‘Angelo Rules’ S5 with first ever Christmas Special

Creative content studio TeamTO and top kids entertainment specialist CAKE have greenlit the fifth Angelo Rules series with co-production partners France Télévisions, Canal+ and Super RTL.

The launch of Angelo Rules Season five (1 x 60’ + 46 x 11’) will kick off with Angelo’s first ever Christmas comedy special which will be broadcast on Canal+ and Super RTL on Christmas day 2021. This year, Angelo finds himself on Santa’s naughty list and gets stuck reliving the day before Christmas over and over again, in a nightmarish yuletide time loop. In order to escape, Angelo’s going to need a team, a plan and – a friend who speaks elf! – reads the official description.

France Télévisions director of Youth Programming and Animation Pierre Siracusa commented, “France Télévisions, the leading partner in French animation production, is proud to continue its collaboration with TeamTO on this successful series, enjoyed by our young viewers on Okoo, our public broadcasting kids platform, as well as on France 4. The new themes of this latest season and the arrival of an event-driven long-format adventure usher in an even brighter future for our on-screen hero and his sidekicks, to the certain delight of Angelo’s many young fans.”

The full fifth Season of Angelo Rules will launch in France and Germany in 2022 and will introduce a brand-new rival: West Side Academy, a shiny, fancy, modern school. Rumour has it they have a pool, a dairy farm, a green roof where kids grow their own lunch, a surf club, a black-box theater, a music recording studio, and more. The ongoing battle between the two schools gives Angelo and friends the opportunity to ally with some of their old rivals, like Tracy, Mr. Foot, and Manetti. Now that they all have a common enemy, get ready for some epic Angelo mayhem!

CANAL+ Kids Department head of Animation Development Nathalie Leffray added, “Canal+ has been supporting all of Angelo’s cunning plans since the beginning! Like his faithful friends Victor and Lola, we are delighted to follow him once again into his fifth series – starting with a totally loopy and surprising holiday Special where the spirit of Christmas is challenged by a more mischievous and spirited Angelo than ever. And for the great enjoyment of our viewers, the special will be available exclusively on our channels and Mycanal at the end of this year.”

Super RTL chief content and revenue officer Thorsten Braunfurther stated, “We are very pleased that we can finally present this long-running show in film length. The festive Christmas setting is bound to inspire joy and giddy anticipation in our young audience, and Angelo’s tumultuous quest for his own Christmas miracle will keep kids on the edge of their seats.”

Aired in over 100 territories on premium platforms like Cartoon Network (EMEA, Latin America, Asia), France Télévisions, Super RTL and Canal +, ANGELO RULES has consistently secured great ratings on TV, and the digital world as well: the series’ four digital games (ANGELO SKATE AWAY, A BUSY DAY, SUPER RUN and FUNNY FACES) have been downloaded over six million times!

“After more than ten successful, fun-filled years on air, it was about time Angelo starred in his own feature length adventure.  Angelo’s original take on the spirit of Christmas is sure to make sparks fly!” mentioned,TeamTO SVP Development and Production Corinne Kouper.

Angelo Rules has also been widely recognized within the animation industry, receiving a Pulcinella Award for Best Kids TV Series (Cartoons on the Bay 2010); and nominations at the 2013 Emmy Kids Awards; 2013 Trickfilm Festival; 2012 Anima Mundi; and 2011 BANFF World Media Festival.

CAKE CEO and Exec Producer Tom van Waveren said, “It’s rare to have the privilege of producing five seasons of a series and it’s very rewarding to keep bringing more Angelo stories to millions of Angelo fans.”

Angelo Rules is a TeamTO/CAKE co-production with TeleTOON+ in collaboration with France Télévisions and Super RTL. Based on the French series of books Comment Faire Enrager, written by Sylvie de Mathuisieulx and illustrated by Sébastien Diologent, the series is produced in association with IRP (Amy Jackson and Andy Rheingold).