Symbiosys Technologies to produce ‘Noah’s Ark’ animated feature film

Visakhapatnam-based IT firm Symbiosys Technologies has announced the production of a full-length global animation film, Noah’s Ark, to be produced at its animation studio, which was established at its facility at IT Park at Rushikonda recently.

The film is set to produce at a cost of six million dollars, will be produced by produced by Symbiosis Technologies along with co-producers from the US and Brazil. The film is planned for global release during 2023.

According to reports, the pre-production work has already started in Brazil. The film draws inspiration from the biblical story when the world was flooded by nonstop rains and God allowed all creatures to take shelter in Noah’s ark to survive the floods and a new world to start afresh with only these survivors. The film showcases the positive side of survival and adventure during the tough times, with a humorous survival in the ark.

The film is set to be produced on green energy, Symbiosys Technologies CEO Naresh Kumar said, “ A 200Kw solar power plant has already been set up at the Rushikonda IT park to draw the power required for making of the film. This is the first time; an entire film is being produced on green energy. Already 20 distributors in 20 different countries have expressed serious interest to buy the movie for telecast across their countries.”

High-end computers, each costing about 12 lakh, have been procured from Dell, and a lot of VFX and SFX, water simulation, recreating an entire ocean and storm would be done at the animation studio.

Kumar added, “A new VFX live lab, a dubbing studio, a film lab, with editing and DI facility, to promote short films and ad shoots in Visakhapatnam have been set up. Aspiring producers, artistes and music enthusiasts can avail of these facilities in IT Park.”