‘Star Wars’ announces animated series ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ at Anaheim 

A new Star Wars animated series was announced at the Star Wars celebration at Anaheim. Lucasfilm has officially unveiled Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, a new animated series set centuries before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and set during the newly-explored High Republic era.

The series will follow a group of Younglings as they learn compassion, self-discipline, collaboration, patience, and friendship while studying the ways of the Force and becoming Jedi, according to Lucasfilm. While no specific date has been set. The release date has not been revealed yet, but it will premiere in the spring of 2023 on Disney+ and the Disney Junior cable block.

These original stories will follow Younglings as they are swept away into adventures and begin their journeys on the path to becoming Jedi Knights, learning valuable skills for our galaxy and the galaxy far, far away, in the first full-length animated Star Wars series created for preschoolers, early grade schoolers, and their families. Compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and camaraderie will be addressed by the Jedi-in-training. 
Aside from the franchise’s well-known core sci-fi adventure films, which are frequently regarded as ideal for the entire family, there have been other projects targeted exclusively at children over its lengthy history. Many of these may be found on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, such as Star Wars Mindful Matters.

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