Spiel to release seven Arshad games on mobile circuit

Mumbai based Mobile Game & Application studio, Spiel Studios has tied up with the hot on the circuit film star Arshad Warsi (pun intended) for an exclusive worldwide contract to develop mobile game titles on him. To begin with, the studio proposes to develop and distribute seven games within a span of a year.

All the Arshad games being developed at Spiel will be based on popular movie characters that the star has portrayed. Some of the games will also be based on Arshad`s hobbies, likings etc and will obviously be targeted at the star`s massive fan following.

The first game to be released is `Arshad`s Fight Club`. The player will get to fight against four opponents (famous Bollywood villans) such as Bad Man, Dr. Dong, Mogambo and Gabbar. The game will have locks so that only after winning the first level you can proceed to the next, the toughest of all will be Gabbar.

Talking about the game Arshad commented, “Mobile Gaming is a new concept in India, and I am sure these games will create a rage in the Indian market. I am a game freak myself and I have seen some screenshots and demos of the games that Spiel has created and they`re great. I am looking forward to my affiliation with them as they recreate the magic on the mobile screen”

Work on the Arshad games has been going on for close to three months with a team of fifteen dedicated full time to the development process. The first of the series is due to release by the end of November `06. The games will be available on all the leading mobile networks in India on a pay-per-download and pay-per-play basis, the negotiations for which are currently underway.

Speaking to Animation Xpress.com as to why Arshad was the choice for the game Spiel CEO, Mohit Surekha shared, “Arshad himself is a game freak and loves playing games! Arshad Warsi connects brilliantly with the audience and has a mass appeal. He is a talented actor and an upcoming superstar. We will be releasing a minimum of seven games within a year and depending upon the success we will release more later”

Established in July 2006, Spiel is a division of Pace Group. The idea behind setting up the gaming studio was to provide quality mobile content in India. Spiel is currently working on mobile games on J2ME, Brew as well as Flashlite

On asked about Spiel`s future plans, Mohit shared, “We will be working on development of performance based quality 3D mobile games. We are also working on wireless multiplayer games through bluetooth and GPRS. With 3G coming to India, many avenues will open up for the wireless industry”

With mobile becoming a popular platform for delivering content, mobile gaming is soon becoming more than mere `timepass` fare. And with celebrities joining the bandwagon, the fun`s just begun!


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