Sony YAY!’s Honey Bunny unite all feline fans to celebrate ‘World Cat Day’

To celebrate World Cat Day, Sony YAY! collaborated with the Cat Café Studio and hosted a one-of-a-kind virtual party for all the cat lovers.

The channel’s famous feline duo, Honey and Bunny has been entertaining the audience with their adorable goofiness and amusing antics. These kitties have a loyal fan base due to their unique nature and Sony YAY! hosted a virtual party today, 8 August, that brought all the feline fans together for a fun session.

Kids all over the country adore the feline duo Honey and Bunny for their ‘masti’ and adventures in the animated comedy show, Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal. Translating this emotion from reel to real in a day full of enjoyment, the duo brought together some unique back-to-back fun sessions for their young friends. 

The session saw pet parents get creative with craft workshops hosted by ‘art genius’ Lalon where they created DIY gifts for their cat babies. The Cat parents were in for a surprise, as the channel hosted a quirky award segment, where cats were awarded titles such as – “The cat with best expressions, the best selfie, the funniest cat, and many more. 

The party also featured Cat Café Studio co-founder Charu Khosla who engaged with the audience with some cool insights and tricks about cats. The session panned out to be an insightful one hour of learning lesser-known facts about cats, bursting myths around them along with the Cat Café Studio expert answering all the queries for curious pet-parents.