SmarTeach to teach animation with e-learning

SmarTeach e-Learning Academy which was recently launched on August 28 in Hyderabad, has included courses like 3D Animation, Art of Cartooning and Action Scripting in flash besides its other e-learning modules. The academy will be orienting their first batch from September 10 with 15 to 25 students in each of the above courses.

Speaking exclusively to Animation, S. Sridhar, CEO, SmarTeach e-learning academy said, “We believe that animation is an excellent tool to develop e-learning programs. Text, audio, video, graphics, animation and simulations all are the integral components of e-learning for expression. Animation can be used successfully to demonstrate how difficult and abstract concepts in any subject, whether physics, chemistry, medicine or management are solved”

“Animation has found multiple platforms such as education, entertainment, edutainment and gaming. Feature films in animation are being very well accepted. I believe that full fledged courses in animation which teach all aspects of animation and bring out experts are the need of the hour” added Sridhar.

Every course at SmarTeach includes 2-week internship where students will be deployed on hands-on live projects by the Academy. The students will get an opportunity to receive on-the-job training at MEdRC EduTech Ltd on live projects.

“We are providing placement assistance to the students. We are forming partnerships not only with the e-learning organizations but also with the others. We are making inroads into understanding the content generation and documentation requirements of various organizations” Sridhar said adding “Soon we plan to start separate PG courses also”

The value addition and depth that multimedia and animation can bring to the realm of Education is immense. Developments like these are positive indications of the potential. It is the tip of the Ice berg with the vastness of this field yet unexplored.

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