Russia’s SMF Animation Studio releases a slate of three feature-length projects

Russian animation studios, SMF Animation Studio (Soyuzmultfilm), announces the feature film line-up during the American Film Market.

Previously known for producing mostly animated TV series for kids, SMF Animation Studio is opening up new horizons and presenting three new animated feature films that are currently in production.

A post-apocalyptic romantic story for family The Formula for Water (is set to release in 2023) – about a girl who set on a journey to save her kidnapped father – a scientist who created a machine that would restore the drinking water reserves on the planet. 

The visual style of The Formula For Water was developed by a team of the most experienced professionals from around the world who have worked on: Maleficent, The Lion King, Gravity, Prometheus, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, The Last Warrior, MIB: International, Coma and many others. The film is created on the basis of the innovative cutting-edge virtual production technology.

One of the studio’s popular comedy series The Secret of Honey Hills produced with the Unreal Engine and distributed globally via Sola Media inspired the authors to create a detective feature film The Golden Beehive based on the series universe. The Golden Beehive is a unique artefact that has been discovered by the dwellers of the Honey hills was lost. A detective Sophie the Owl and her assistant Squirrel Chirp should solve the mystery of the missing and bring back the lucky charm.

The Alpine Campaign (WIP title, is set to release in 2022) is a feature film with historical and military plot targeted to the whole family audience. The story is created at the intersection of genres – adventure, romantic story, war history, and biography. 

The plot is based on the story of a 16-year-old boy Grisha who comes into the service of Suvorov’s regiment during the legendary Swiss campaign. In front of the hero’s eyes, the destinies of people are being decided and Grisha becomes a witness to key events and a participant in dangerous intrigues. To achieve fame and win favor of his beloved, Grisha needs to overcome self-doubts and accomplish at least a small but a real heroic act.

“It has been only a few years since the studio’s reboot during which we have managed to achieve spectacular results so far: bring on board a talented team, implement new technologies and develop our company in many fields. We have already produced thousands of minutes of animation that is beloved by kids and their families from all over the world. And we are moving forward with our ambitious plans and are happy to continue our route releasing feature films as well. Our studio is very open to innovations and any sort of co-production that helps us create the best entertaining content and it is especially grateful to have high-caliber international specialists with us,” said SMF Studio chairman of the board of directors Yuliana Slashcheva.