Pyramid Entertainment offers Indian home video rights for international animated content

Chennai based Pyramid Entertainment Exports is offering the Indian home video rights to distributors for some of its animated content sourced internationally. The company has been engaged in the production of Feature Films, Tele-Films, Animations, Serials & Documentary Programmes for over two decades supplies progammes (all Indian languages, English, Chinese and Malay) to major TV Channels world-wide. It is also the distributor for English, French, Spanish, Malay, Singhala and Chinese Programmes (Feature Films, Tele-films, Serials, Documentary, Educational Programmes, Sports, Animations, Live Action, etc.) in the Indian market. Stating the company’s modus operandi, Pyramid Entertainment Exports CEO V Naagarajan, said “We usually take part in International exhibitions such as MIPCOM, ATF, FILMART Hong Kong, Beijing International TV Week, etc., through which we have excellent rapport with various multi-national as well as leading television channels” The following are the details of the content on offer for home video rights : –
FIRST SNOW OF WINTER, THE   DURATION : 1 X 30 MINUTES GENRE: ANIMATION SPECIAL SYNOPSIS: This animated special deals with the story of a little duck with a big problem. Due to a mishap with a jet aircraft Sean misses the annual migration South and has to face winter alone. However, he is befriended by a water vole, and with Vole’s help, Sean learns the lessons of survival, and most importantly, the value of friendship.    
TITLE: FORGOTTEN TOYS, THEDURATION : 1 x 30 minutes special (1995) and 52 Episodes x 5 minutes GENRE : ANIMATION SPECIAL SYNOPSIS: Based on the book by James Stevenson, â€?The Forgotten Toysâ€? follows the adventures of an abandoned rag doll and teddy bear as they try to find new children to love them after being thrown out in favor of new hi-tech Christmas presents. Annie, voiced by Joanna Lumley, is a refined but somewhat scruffy rag doll. She is kindly and helpful and a contrast to her friend Teddy. Voiced by Bob Hoskins, Teddy is a rough and ready, gruff little teddy bear. He does, however, have a soft center, which he tries desperately hard to disguise. The two care for each other like brother and sister with the occasional bickering. Their first appearance on screen, in a half hour special broadcast in Christmas 1995, sees them overcome adversity and find new children to love. However, the first episode of the series find them lost yet again as they are stranded on an airport carrousel â€?en route’ to a family holiday. Will they ever be reunited with their children again?
FRIENDLY MONSTERS (1994)DURATION : 3 X HALF HOURS GENRE : ANIMATION SPECIALS SYNOPSIS: Three charming animated specials featuring an extraordinary little boy called Tom and his magical monster friends. 1. A Monster Christmas follows the adventures of Tom and his Monster friends on Christmas Eve when Santa is accidentally knocked off his sleigh and arrives un-expectedly in Tom’s fireplace. Dizzy and confused, Santa is unable to deliver any presents so Tom and his Monster pals step in to help… 2. A Monster Easter follows more exciting adventures with Tom and his Monster friends as they uncover a sinister plot to hijack the Easter Bunny and steal all the Easter Eggs. Locating the Easter Bunny and returning all the Easter Eggs to their rightful owners is not quite as simple as Tom and his Monster pals thought… 3. A Monster Holiday – in his latest adventure, Tom sneaks his Monster friends into his suitcase and takes them on their first holiday. Meanwhile, Maggie McNab, the famous cat burglar, has made off with “The Moping Marjorie”, a famous painting held at a secret hideaway. Can Tom and the Monsters solve the crime and return the painting to its rightful owners?
  HAMILTON MATTRESSDURATION : 1 X 30 MINUTES GENRE : ANIMATED SPECIAL SYNOPSIS A loveable character who will touch a large audience, Hamilton Mattress is the story of an aardvark who marches to his own beat. Produced by Christopher Moll whose credits include the Oscar® winning Wallace and Gromit adventure The Wrong Trousers, Hamilton Mattress is a prestigious half hour animated special for the whole family. This delightful stop – frame comedy adventure introduces us to Sludger, an unloved aardvark whose awkwardness cannot hide his amazing rhythmical ability, developed over years of pawing the dusty ground for ants. Together with his canny caterpillar companion Feldwick , he embarks on an adventure to the glamourous and exotic Beak City that will see friendship and talent finally triumph over greed and prejudice as Sludger is transformed into Hamilton Mattress, drummer extraordinaire, who brings music, colour and joy back to his tribe. A modern fable packed full of sparkling humour and infectious toe-tapping dance rhythms, Hamilton Mattress features a cast of characters created by the legendary John Webster, one of the defining creative imaginations of world advertising. It is directed by Oscar® and BAFTA® nominee Barry Purve.
TITLE: LITTLEST ANGEL, THE (2000)DURATION : 2 X HALF HOURS GENRE : ANIMATED SPECIAL SYNOPSIS: Based on the best selling children’s book by Charles Tazewell, these two delightful half hour specials follow the angelic adventures of a little angel. 1. THE LITTLEST ANGEL The first adventure sees a little boy enter heaven where he finds an exciting world of magic and wonder but a place where angels have forgotten to have fun. The mischievous angel turns heaven upside down and things are thrown into further chaos when the chief archangel makes a startling announcement, God is to have a son. All the angels rush to find the perfect gift and the Littlest Angel with his tilted halo and untested wings has no idea what to do, until he realises that the most valuable gift always comes from the heart. 2. Littlest Angel’s Easter In his second adventure the littlest angel is sent on his first earthly assignment to help out a young boy, Ryan who has moved with his family to a small town and struggles to make new friends. The Littlest Angel has almost as much to learn as Ryan on his first mission, but together and with a little bit of faith, hope and understanding, and a lovable dog named Sonny they discover that miracles can happen and when you least expect it, things can change for the better! That’s what Easter’s all about, New beginnings
SECOND STAR TO THE LEFTDURATION : 1 X 30 MINUTES GENRE : ANIMATED CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SYNOPSIS: One Christmas Eve a parcel falls from Santa’s sleigh and lands in a small garden shed inhabited by three pets. From this moment the lives of Archie the rabbit, Duke the guinea pig, and Babs the hamster are changed forever. The story tells the tale of the quest of three animals, whose normal but boring lives are disrupted by discovering this mislaid parcel. Determined to deliver the lost present by daybreak to the little girl in the village, they embark on an exciting new adventure. The film features the voices of established stars Hugh Laurie, Barbara Windsor and Mark Williams, and a beautiful new soundtrack from the highly acclaimed young singer Becky Taylor. Becky, EMI Classics newest signing is destined for success after securing a major worldwide recording deal. The music from the film will be released on EMI Classics this Christmas as part of a brand new album from Becky.
TANGERINE BEAR (2000)DURATION : 1 x 30 minutes, 1 x 48 minutes, 1 x 60 minutes GENRE : ANIMATED FEATURES SYNOPSIS: A Bear whose smile was accidentally sewn on upside down, dreams of going home with a caring family at Christmas. When the Christmas season ends and he is the only teddy bear left, he is shipped to Winkle’s – a small, second hand store, full of unique toys like him. Bear spends so much time in the window at Winkle’s that his brown fur turns into a curious shade of Tangerine, and that is why his friends nickname him ‘Tangie’. As the days pass, Tangie thinks he’ll never find a home until one day he realises that being different is also what makes him special and that Mr. Winkle and his unique toy friends are his family. Tangerine Bear includes the voice talent of a host of TV stars such as David Hyde Pierce (Frasier), Tom Bosley (Happy Days, Charlie’s Angels) and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement, The Lion King). Trisha Yearwood provides the narration and the original music score. Tangerine Bear also has links with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which has ouched the lives of thousands of seriously ill children and their families.
POSTMAN PAT (2003)DURATION : Read Along with Postman Pat: 1 x 45 Minutes, Postman Pat’s ABC: 1 x 30 Minutes, Postman Pat’s 123 Stories: 1 x 30 Minutes GENRE : ANIMATED FILMS SYNOPSIS: These three animated films have been specially developed to make learning fun for beginning readers. Each story features Pat and his trusty companion Jess, helping their friends in Greendale to remember the alphabet and numbers using illustrated words and numbers on screen in easy to read fonts. Postman Pat encourages pre-school children to read and count whilst having fun joining in Pat’s adventures.