Popular Swedish IP ‘Håkan Bråkan’ gets its own animated series

Toronto-based animation studio The Nuttery Entertainment has signed an exclusive agreement with Storytel, one of the world’s largest audiobook publishers, for the animated and ancillary rights for the iconic kids IP Håkan Bråkan. This beloved legacy property with over 30 standalone books is now making the jump into animation for the first time. 

Together with Håkan Bråkan’s creators, and the popular children’s and YA book authors, Sören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson, The Nuttery Entertainment is developing an animated series. The animated series will be based on completely new material but will take inspiration from the body of work created so far around the character. The series’ focus will be on the main character and his fantastic and exaggerated world full of adventure and it will be aimed at an international audience. 

Nuttery Entertainment co-founder and CEO Magnus Jansson said, “It is humbling and an incredible privilege to work on such an amazing IP as Håkan Bråkan. This kid is the standout character in the highly successful Andersson Family universe, combining heart, curiosity, imagination, and crazy antics. Can’t wait for kids all over the world to fall in love with the unique hero that Sören and Anders have created.

Nuttery Entertainment co-founder and producer Erik Öhrner said, “It is very inspiring and engaging to step into Håkan-Bråkan’s fantastic world. There is so much heart and recognition in the stories. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with Storytel and Sören and Anders to create new stories for animation. The series have a lot of warmth and excitement, adventure and laughter.”

Jacobsson said, “Animation is by far the best way to further develop our character Håkan Bråkan and his imaginative world. We are convinced that Håkan Bråkan will be a perfect fit for this medium. The collaboration with Nuttery Entertainment feels very inspiring! It is fun to be part of brainstorming ideas and developing completely new stories about Håkan Bråkan — who is transformed into Super Bråkan when you least expect it!”

The animation development is taking place alongside Storytel’s major push of Jacobsson and Olsson’s authorship, where several new books are planned. As recently announced, Nordic Film will release two new live-action movies based on Håkan Bråkan, the first one releasing next year.

Storytel Agency Sara Hasselström said, “It’s super exciting that Anders and Sören’s stories about Håkan-Bråkan are becoming an animated series! One of our goals is to have our fantastic content reach out to audiences in new and creative ways and Nuttery Entertainment is the perfect partner to help us do this.”

Nuttery Entertainment will develop and executive produce the animated series alongside Storytel, with Jacobsson and Olsson’ on-board to help craft the creative materials. The project will be approaching co-producers early next year. 

Håkan Bråkan got his first solo book in 1998 and since then over 30 books have been released, with one live-action series produced by SVT along with a follow-up live-action feature film.