Paranoia: Winner of ASIFA India Awards of Excellence

This short film was produced by the Students of Thakur Toonskool College-Mumbai. This film was nominated under Student Category and won the ASIFA IAD‘ 10 held at Mumbai. The winning of this film is even more special as it was celebration of 10 Years of ASIFA India and 50 Years of ASIFA International. This short film was an academic project for Thakur Toonskool students in their final semester of BSc Animation degree.



The team who made this film were Sandeepan Chanda, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Amrita Mukhopadhyay, Nitesh Mishra and their guides were Mr.Avishek Karmakar and Mr. Ishteyaq Quadri. The jury members of the Competition – Asifa India were Anand Gurnani, C B Arun Kumar, Gitanjali Rao, Samar Nakhate and Shrirang.S.Sathaye

‘Paranoia‘ is about a man who is travelling in a late night local train. The traveller becomes paranoid due to the terror attacks happening in the present day surroundings. The film is about the psychological effects that a human brain faces due to the day to day happenings in the world around him. This short film was done using live action shooting, rotoscopy in adobe flash, ink & paint using Photoshop, creating BG using Photoshop and camera movement using after effects. The concept was developed by Mentor Avishek Karmakar.The leader of this student group was Sandeepan Chanda.

Following are the experience the students shared on working on this project.

Sandeepan Chanda: “I was responsible for story boarding the film, as well as deciding upon the shot divisions and camera angles. The film was a great challenge as this was our first 2D animated movie of the year. The process of making this film taught each one of us new things which we otherwise wouldn‘t have learned”.


Sunil Kumar Yadav: “Having the compositing and vfx mindset, I was earlier a bit sceptical about the 2D animation workflow. But when we started with the process, it became an essential joyride for us and these 7 months has been like an educational journey for us”.

Amrita Mukhopadhyay: “This was the most challenging experience in the entire 3years of the college. I animated the characters except the Head and Hands. We now understand the importance of every stage in the film making process. This film has taught us the importance of team work. All the members of the team are equally important and every work counts”.

Nitesh Mishra: “I was very much involved in the formation of the story. I also played the main character of the movie for the live action plate. I was involved in Ink paint process. Also involved in compositing and creating the sound for the film. This project was completely a new experience for me. It taught us that no matter what we know or don‘t know we have to keep absorbing knowledge form wherever it may come”.

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