Paprikaas working ‘Concept to screen’ on 3D feature

Talk about evolution. It was just last year when Bangalore based Paprikaas animation studios evolved from being a work for hire studio to co-producer, co producing TV shows with European producers.
'Jacque' a character from esp kids
Now, the studio has been assigned a contract to develop a feature from ‘Concept to Screen’. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Paprikaas CEO Nandish Domlur exclaimed, “This is the first time an Indian studio has been assigned the contract to work on an animated feature film from ‘Concept to Screen’ under full onsite supervision by a team of highly experienced, overseas art directors and technical supervisors during the entire course of the making of the film.” The 90 minute 3D feature is scheduled for a theaterical release worldwide by the end of 2005. Another exciting project that Paprikaas has got in its kitty is a short film in the HDTV format. Nandish claims that it is the first HDTV project for an Indian animation studio. Talking about the project Nandish informed, “We are soon starting production on a short film in the HDTV format (16:9) along with DR Movies for Korean Broadcasting Service(KBS). The short, is a fast paced adventure comedy and is probably the first HDTV animation venture coming out of India.” “HDTV is the technology of the future for long format series for TV broadcast globally” he added. On being asked if there were plans to develop original content and cater to the local market, Nandish replied,” No, not yet. We focus and work on global long format projects. I feel the content market in India is not there yet.”
Ricochet Productions,MICA broadcasted on France 5.
Drawing attention to the success Paprikaas has met in its co productions, Nandish said, “One of our co productions, Artoonic is directed by Daniele Bigi and will broadcast on Italy’s RAI TV. Another co production which has shaped out well is Dr Moupe. These shows have been highly acclaimed and have in fact made it to the top 3 at the Cartoon forum 2003.” Informing about Paprikaas’ plans for training and creating a sufficient talent pool, Nandish said, “We are currently focusing to counter the huge mismatch in demand/supply of skilled artists. We are forging a path breaking, strategic alliance with a very renowned partner in the domain of media and entertainment technology training. The partner is one of the top five entertainment technology schools in the world. We should get started in early spring next year.” “We are also going to soon have multilocational production hubs within India to tap into the local talent pool who are not inclined to relocating.” said Nandish.