PADA (Delhi) makes an animated short film on Female Foeticide

nullDelhi based Pumpkin Academy of Digital Arts, has made an animation movie based on the subject of female foeticide. This is their second short film on a social issue, previous one was on anti- smoking. This movie is A minute and 25 seconds long and is made in 3D. Speaking to about the 3D used in the short film, Hardeep Gill Director and Chairman, Pumpkin Academy of Digital Arts, shared, “3D was the choice specially coz it gave us more of creative freedom. To show a baby with all the required expressions became easier for us. Moreover, it is a medium that people look forward to in the present day scenario.” According to Hardeep, it took around 25-30 days to complete the film and four artists have worked on it. The film is directed & concieved by Hardeep Gill (Director & Chairman Pumpkin Academy Of Digital Arts), storyboards were done by Ranveer Singh (Pre Production Head) and Chandan Kumar is the Tech-Head. Modeling, Texturing, Morphing part has been done by Pritee Jain, animation, compositing and editing has been done by Chandan Kumar. Further, adding about the major things they kept in mind while making this short film Hardeep said, “The important things we kept in our mind that the film has to be short, precise and straight and to make the viewer realize that it becomes their duty to stop the killing of female foetus and let her see the world. How can we get biased when we all are born by the same seed?” To make sure how to convey this sensitive issue in a proper way, Hardeep said on a concluding note, that, “Instead of showing the female foetus realistically we have exaggerated her in expressions which were the soul of the entire short film and the womb was shown symbolically in the form of globe.” Pritee Jain also shared her comments saying, “It was good to work as a team and that too for a social awareness message for the masses. We learned new and important things as a team and the experience was really good.”

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