Netflix cancels animated comedy show ‘Q-Force’ after season one

Netflix has officially cancelled the animated series Q-Force, a queer comedy that follows an undervalued crew of LGBTQ+ superspies on personal and professional adventures.

Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers of the popular Las Culturistas podcast, actors David Harbour, Gary Cole, and actress Laurie Metcalf rounded out the series’ primary voice cast.

Rogers originally reported the show’s cancellation in May as a guest presenter on the Attitudes! podcast, where he also stated that he recorded his lines in a closet during the COVID-19 lockdowns. While the episode received mixed reviews from critics, Rogers lauded its cult fans and touched briefly on the show’s legacy during the same podcast.

The lone 10-episode season followed Steve Maryweather, also known as Agent Mary and voiced by Hayes, who was once crowned as the American intelligence agency’s golden boy until he came out as gay. The agency dispatched Mayweather to West Hollywood to vanish, but instead, he gathered a motley crew of LGBTQ+ spies, including expert mechanic Deb, voiced by Sykes; master of drag Twink, voiced by Rogers; and hacker Stat, voiced by Harrison, to form the Q-Force.

The sitcom was executive produced by Gabe Liedman, Todd Milliner, David Miner, Mike Schur, and Hayes. The only season of the show premiered in September 2021.

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