“Making of CARS” steals the show

Lighting Mc Queen, Sally, Mater, Ramone, we have all seen these cute, adorable and colourful cars on screen and have applauded the way the movie CARS has been presented to its viewers. But seldom do people know what goes behind making an animated movie as great as CARS.

On 3December around 300 people had gathered at Whistling Woods (Mumbai) for the 2nd anniversary of the online forum cg Tantra. And what could have been better than the Making of CARS to start the event.

This most awaited program of the day was truly enlightening and would have drawn even non artists into the world of animation, what to speak about the artists who were as eager as can be.

Commenced by Kamal Mistry, Technical Director at Pixar, the making of CARS session was remarkable in the sense it gave the artists in the audience an idea of how thoroughly the studio prepares for its movies in all areas including referencing, research, new techniques etc.

Kamal started the presentation with a clipping from the movie and a basic introduction of the people involved in it. �At Pixar we have outdone ourselves when it comes to CARS. Everybody at Pixar has really worked hard for the look of the film�

Kamal elaborated on the points such as Story development, Art and production design, Layout and animation, Set and character modeling, Visual effects, Light and rendering and Final deliverables and was as thorough and detailed as could be. Yet the sprinkling of jokes and anecdotes that he narrated from his experience of working on CARS kept the audience refreshed and attentive throughout.

Being a technical director, Kamal stressed on the technical part of the movie and gave an in-depth analysis of the visual effects too. The insight to such tremendous techniques and the way they have been used was a real delight for the audiences which comprised of students and professionals from the Industry.

The presentation also featured a Q&A session, where on offer were goodies from Pixar to the people who asked good relevant questions. The treasure chest of prizes included Pixar caps and T-shirts, DVDs of Toy Story and CARS and the bumper prize was the book on the making of CARS.

This movie was being made since four years and was completed and released last year in November. On being asked what took so much time, Kamal replied, The focus is on creating an experience that is memorable for the viewers and of course it takes time to create. We pride ourselves on being bad managers of time and the priority is always on one thing QualitY’

After this session, of which people could not get enough, the event was carried on with other programs like The Comic book session by Virgin Comics, The Mighty Pencil workshop by Kamal, Vinayak from Rhythm and Hues and Shyam Sunder from Anirights, Creature workshop by Siju Thomas from Chennai, the VFX workshop by Mike Seymour from Fxphd.com, cg Tantra awards and honours and last but not the least Lucky Draw by Animationxpress.com.


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