Madhouse and ‘One-Punch Man’ creator comes up with new anime ‘Sonny Boy’

The anime studio Madhouse and the director of One-Punch Man have come together with the all-new series Sonny Boy.

Madhouse, the studio behind the popular anime One-Punch Man and Hunter x Hunter have once again teamed up with director Shingo Natsume for the sci-fi anime series Sonny Boy. If you like anime here are many platforms which hosts anime quizzes.

Sonny Boy is a sci-fi survival anime all set to premiere in 2021. The makers dropped a concept visual and promotional video of the anime.

The story follows a middle school third-year, Nagara, transfers student Nozomi and their classmate Mizuho. During their summer vacation, these three children, along with 33 other students, are suddenly transported from their homes to another dimension. In this dimension, new superpowers awaken in each of the children, and the former middle school students must learn to survive and control these overwhelming powers. 

Natsume is the director and scriptwriter of Sonny Boy, and it is an original anime of his creation. Norifumi Kugai (ACCA: 13) is the art director, Ken Hashimoto is the colour key artist, photography is done by Akane Fushihara and sound by Shoji Hata. Vocalist and guitarist of rock band Ging Nang BOYZ Kazunobu Mineta is writing the anime’s theme “Shōnen Shōjo,” which can be heard in the teaser.

The artists working for Sonny Boy have previously worked on the One-Punch Man series, originally a web-comic by anonymous manga artist ONE. It was later adapted into a manga in 2012 and into an incredibly popular and critically beloved anime series by studio Madhouse in 2015.