Looking forward to ABAI, kickstarts tomorrow

The ABAI fest, being organized by the Association of the Bangalore Animation Industry is starting tomorrow (1 September, 2007) . Into its second year the event has already become prominent on the Indian calendar and this year’s edition sports some very interesting sessions including those on Shrek, Little Krishna, Sivaji, as well as sessions on VFX, Gaming, Pre production and Independent film making. AnimationXpress.com caught up some of the participants to know what they are looking forward to at the event and what they will share at the platform. “I am really excited about the event. It is a great opportunity for all individuals from the field to meet and share their ideas and projects. I am looking forward to meet colleagues from the industry I have met earlier, as well as new people related to our field,” shares Greg Acuna of Pala Flicks. And what should we look forward from Acuna at ABAI? “Oh, I have a lot to talk about “The Earthlings”, our present project which is developing as a phenomenal process. Work on this international TV series is going on at eight different countries. Several companies are involved in the project and people are simultaneously working at Delhi, Bangalore , Kolkatta, Italy, Australia, Austria, Belgium and more places,” shared the visibly excited Acuna. He further added that he is also excited about the presentation that he shall be making, the theme for which is ‘story telling’. Waah Waah Vaibhav too agrees that the event is definitely becoming bigger with double the duration than last year. “I am looking forward to the various interesting presentations including ones on story boarding, design and the other sections. I am curious to know how they made Sivaji. Even the Krishna presentation seems to be exciting. Basically I am looking forward to the Indian content creations. The interaction with the teachers, students, animators and others from the field is going to be great. It will be very encouraging to know how their content works, being made at their own place. It will be good to meet old friends and lots of others.” “I have been showing my films regularly, so there wonâ€?t be much of that. Though, I shall be showing one of them which will have local flavor. There shall be another film clip on similar lines. The regional flavor enhances the interest level in the projects, the genuine work reflects that place, the culture, the humor and sensibilities and is appreciated a lot more. One might not know what the global market or audience is, while we know our audience and the localized works find and click with the local audience and we support it,” he added. Sekhar Mukherjee, Sr. Co-ordinator, Animation Division, NID echoes the sentiments. He says, “I feel good about ABAI. The best part is that along with the industry, we are also talking about education now. We get a chance to share from this perspective, the view is broadening, with the concept being accepted that it is two-way traffic when we talk of animation education.” At the event, Mukherjee has a lot to share about the 45 year old legacy of NID. As he puts up, “The department of animation is the only one to have the education program on the subject since as early as 1985. We are trying to contribute to the field of pure IP building. Original themes and story telling which are amongst the most significant aspects” At ABAI, he is also looking forward to healthy debates. He has the view that it is high time Indian animation gets the honor it deserves. It should now get its set of Sai Paranjape, Naseeruddin Shah, Smita Patil, in his words. Mukherjee is going to emphasize on small animation films. “Even a 30 seconds animation film can leave its mark. Youngsters come up with very good ideas. Short stories and films by them are very powerful.” Mukherjee sums up that the event is getting better every year. And here is the full 2 day schedule of ABAI Fest 2007 null connect@animationxpress.com

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