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‘Leo and Tig’ now airing for expanded European audience

The second season of the immensely loved animated series Leo and Tig, created by Parovoz Studio and commissioned by Digital Television Russia Group, is being aired on the Rai YoYo TV channel, a part of the Italian state broadcasting corporation Rai and DeA Junior pay TV channel. The show will also expand its base on Italy’s TimVision.

Also, the first season Leo and Tig is now available on Italy’s TimVision, Telecom Italia’s streaming platform which is one of the main aggregators of high quality digital content. Furthermore, young viewers from Italy and Italian speaking countries, including Switzerland, Malta, Monte Carlo, San Marino and the Vatican will be able to enjoy fresh new episodes this Christmas. 

The DeA Junior pay TV channel, owned by one of the largest publishing houses De Agostini, will air the second season of Leo and Tig , as well as New Year’s songs performed by the cartoon heroes in a new Leo and Tig Magic Songs! show.

The animated series Leo and Tig tells about the adventures of the little leopard Leo and tiger cub Tig. The animals’ lives are full of adventures, from which they emerge victorious, coping with their own fears and helping each other.

In the first season, the characters learn about the unusual natural environment of the Far East, unravel the secrets of the forest, and come to the aid of those in need. In the second season, Leo and Tig meet a Chinese monkey, LiLi, who has got lost and is in trouble. To help their friend return home, Leo, Tig, Mila, Jara, Martik, and Cuba go on a long journey to different countries.

The love and popularity of the Russian animated series among Italian viewers is also ensured by the cooperation of the 0+ Media company, a part of Digital Television Russia Group, with several large Italian companies such as Play Press, Diramix, Mondadori, Grabo Balloons responsible for the production and sale of children’s products with the image of the cartoon characters.

This year, Leo and Tig was made available to children in Switzerland in French on Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS). This became possible due to a deal brokered by APC Kids on behalf of Digital Television Russia Group and Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR), which includes the RTS TV channel. SRG SSR produces and broadcasts radio and television programs in Switzerland in French.

To date, in addition to the above broadcasters, dozens of TV channels and digital platforms, including Netflix and the largest Asian online cinemas, have already acquired the rights to show the Russian animated series Leo and Tig.

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