Krishna Aur Kans music released on T Series

The highly anticipated animated feature “Krishna Aur Kans” had its all India music release through T Series this week. The film is produced by Reliance Animation and will be globally distributed by Reliance Entertainment. The release date of the film is 3rd August.  Hungama is the online media partner for the film. The film comes across as a rare musical experience. The audio CD of the film has 11 songs while 7 of them have been featured in the film. Shantanu Moitra, the music director of the film once again delivers memorable numbers while Swanand Kirkire’s lyrics adds to the magic of the tunes. For a film based on Krishna, the music has emerged as a winner, it delivers a grand musical experience. What’s more, the songs act as an aid in the storytelling process while creating an immersive journey of Krishna, the story of his pre-birth, his naughty growing up years with his brother Blaram & friends and overpowering the demons till he defeats Kans. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal have sung a couple of memorable melodious numbers for the film. Sunidhi Chauhan’s rendition of Putana song is another high-octane performance that gets both the kids and the grown ups grove to its tune. As a child artist, Shravan Suresh’s energetic number also manages the naughty gang of Krishna and his friends get into the mood. Created by Ashish SK, CEO Reliance Animation, “Krishna Aur Kans” is directed by Vikram Vetturi. With international standard animation quality and amazing storytelling in 3D, the film has a melodious feel to it with Krishna playing his mesmerizing flute. The sequence where Vrindavan is enthralled by Krishna’s flute, the tune played by Rakesh Chaurasia is surely one of the hallmark sequences of the film. The background music of the film deserves another special mention. Shantanu Moitra has created another winner there. It lends the film a larger than life epic scale of magnum opus proportions. The music literally transports the audience in that era, the time that was when Krishna played his flute, Radha danced to its tune, Vrindavan swayed and the evil of Kans and his demons came to an end. Ved Vyasa’s creation of sloka’s, composed by Varaprasad JV. truly resonates with energy and grandeur. In totality, the film is a complete family entertainer and promises to create a lasting memory with its emotional quotient, high-octane action and heart warming musical quality.