Industry Anticipations high from NASSCOM Summit

Online Gaming, VFX, Animated features, Co Productions… Barely into ’07, the industry is already into acceleration mode! Giving direction to the velocity, right at the start of the year is the NASSCOM Animation & Gaming India 2007 summit. The two day International Conference is scheduled to be held on Jan 10-11 at Hi Tech city Hyderabad where a majority of Industry leaders from the Animation, VFX and Gaming vertical shall converge, network and share their perspectives. spoke to quite a few top guns of the industry who are attending the summit and there is an air of positivity thatâ€?s building up. Here’s what some of the leaders had to share: nullDQE Founder & CEO Tapas Chakravarti Outlook 2007 *Emergence of new media will drive the demand for local content. *Increase in number of co productions * Indian and cross over IPs for the global audiences * Announcements of more big ticket contracts as outsourcing model gains acceptance from North American and European producers. * International Companies will make use of Indianized concepts for Western audiences. * Gaming Industry in India is coming into its own with the likes of Zapak investing over 100 million dollars. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit We look at NASSCOM as a platform for Indian and global animation professionals to network, industry leaders to share their viewpoints and for us to present our capabilities as an animation and gaming powerhouse. NASSCOM ANIMATION & GAMING EVENT is definitely coming to a maturity where many international players are taking the event seriously. It is an excellent platform for young budding Indian entrepreneurs and artists as well as creative community to get together, communicate and give direction to their dreams.â€? Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest Made in India IP for local and global audiences because we believe that is the only way forward for Indian Animation industry if it has to grow into a global industry. Programming for Indian Kids – Trends & Highlights because we intend servicing the Indian animation market along with global market with our IP’s Strategies & Roadmap for HRD / Training this we believe, is as important a issue as any, because the skilled manpower crunch is the weakest link in the chain in the Indian animation industry. nullR&H India MD Prashant Babu Buyayla Outlook 2007 I think 2007 will be a year of learning and gaining exposure for doing high quality work in our industry. There will be a lot of discussion on the topics of original Indian content, but it will take us a few more years to produce high quality original content. So 2007 should be a year of learning. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit It will be good to meet up with the leaders of the animation and gaming industry and see what their thoughts are about the challenges and opportunities our industry faces. I am also looking forward to this years NASSCOM report with a hope that it will more accurately reflect the status of our industry as compared to previous reports. nullDhruva Interactive Founder and CEO Rajesh Rao Outlook 2007 2007 will be a very important year for gaming in India. We are for the first time seeing Television Advertising of gaming products and it looks set to go mainstream. I think the fun has just begun. Also in March Dhruva completes 10 years and with that milestone India completes 10 years of game development too! Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit The line up of the speakers and the total event is in keeping with the trend and the mood of the market and therefore very interesting to attend. And since it is starting right at the beginning of the year it will set the direction for the entire year. Overall a good spread of topics being discussed. Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest Will India Follow China? Console Gaming in India: Yes or No nullAdlabs Animation Head Siddhartha M Jain Outlook 2007 Lots of new Indian IPR and Technically superior content Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit Expect to see lots of new people / entrants in the industry. Also looking forward to more Financing Options Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest Strategies on developing IPR nullNipuna Services CEO Venkatesh Roddam Outlook 2007 Apart from just â€?selling’ creative services, Indian studios are also developing IP for sale Internationally. This holds the biggest challenge for the Indian animation industry (as with any â€?foreign theme’ to be created by local talent). The trend of Gaming in India is at a nascent stage which will require a shift in paradigms for most Animation companies and the country at large. Gaming has traditionally never been taken seriously by our cultural orientation. The launch of Microsoft’s X-Box and Sony’s PS III has brought about a whole new generation of young Indian’s, who now view Gaming as an entertainment medium. This arousal of interest will soon translate into investment for careers in Gaming. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit I am looking forward to interact & forge an â€?Industry’ relationship with my peers and fellow-Industry leaders. The cross-pollination of ideas and vision, industry focus, the sharing of common challenges and areas of improvement helps all of us to better understand different perspectives and get ahead on the growth curve. As with any industry, we would see the coming together of Studios, Corporate houses, Financial organizations and Governments to achieve the common goal – make India a Creative force to reckon with!! Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest Building of a movie pipeline Rajesh Raoâ€?s opening panel on gaming â€?Will India Follow China & Koreaâ€? nullTurner International India Pvt. Ltd. VP, Advertising Sales and Networks, India & South Asia, Monica Tata Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit We are extremely happy that NASSCOM is taking the lead to promote Animation and gaming and are excited to be part of the conference. I am one of the judges for the â€?Animation Super Pitch’ and am looking forward to seeing some great and talented pitches from India. Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest â€?Gaming: Will India follow China & Korea?’ â€?Programming for Indian Kids – Trends & Highlights’ â€?Making Transition from Animation to Gaming’ nullWaygate Capital MD Rajesh Jog Outlook 2007 I see a lot of companies developing original content in animation. Casual gaming portals will attract a lot of capital. Even retail formats like game parlours will see action. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit Besides our involvement in Kahani, we are also looking forward to meeting other animation companies that can provide content and services for vJive (digital signage company). Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest Financing Content nullToonz Animation India CEO P Jayakumar Outlook 2007 2007 portends to be a key year for the industry. The race for full length animated feature films will hot up. I see animation garnering a greater chunk of mainstream television programming. Gaming and FX will also get a fillip. Consolidation, and not just growth, must be the watchword for the industry. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit Itâ€?s important for the leaders in the domestic animation industry to come together, and NASSCOM provides a great platform for that. I look forward to hearing lots of different viewpoints and getting some unique insights from our fraternity. nullExigent3D Director Paul Steed Outlook 2007 More western companies will feel the urgency and benefit off outsourcing to India. Games will especially see an increase in working with Indian studios like Dhruva, Lakshya Digital and Exigent. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit I look forward to any talk from Rajesh Rao of Dhruva. The recent announcement by Reliance and Zapak make me interested in anything those companies discuss. Console Gaming – Yes or No is also very promising. nullCrest Animation CEO AK Madhavan Outlook 2007 The industry is picking up and I think we all have to collectively work together and contribute to further its growth. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit The line up is very interesting and where every year, I came, made my presentation and left, this year I plan to attend all the sessions on both the days. nullAptech MD Pramod Khera Outlook 2007 Increasing trend of outsourcing computer animation jobs is being witnessed the world over. Any animation-related production in the Unites States or Canada is no longer produced in that country alone. The industry is opened up to a much wider pool of independent creators because of the outsourcing trend. This trend should expand the market (leading to the creation of more movies, shows and games because of the lower costs); protect creative jobs and generate new employment opportunities in the developing world. If India is able to produce high quality experts in this industry, it can capture a large part of the outsourced market. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit The NASSCOM event is becoming a much â€?looked forward toâ€? event by the industry. This year’s line-up of sessions and speakers looks impressive and I am eagerly waiting to attend some of the sessions – especially related to the HR aspects that the industry is facing. Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest A comparison of China and India in the industry and the HR strengths of both these countries that will pave the way for future growth. nullAnts MD Chetan S Outlook 2007 The most prominet trend i would observe is that Animation Gaming and FX has grown from an infant to a toddler.I would see many more entrants in this sphere and possibly a better growth in bottom lines such as revenues and profits. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit Sessions Iam looking forward to are all since through the years I have found it to be very informative and always progressive.NASSCOM could work more closely with the government to give animation a better push and status in the years to come making it a lucrative career option. nullClearstone Venture Advisors Director, Rahul Khanna Outlook 2007 On the gaming front, India will see the emergence of an online gaming culture thanks to a significant increase in broadband penetration as well as the launch of gaming service providers like Zapak and Games2Win catering to the indian gamer community. Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest Looking forward to the discussions on creating content and IP that is uniquely Indian but can be leveraged globally. nullettaminA studios CEO Amit Anand Outlook 2007 I believe ’07 is a litmus test year for the â€?Made BY Indiaâ€? brand. It is time for us Indian content creators to showcase the best of talent and prove that we are truly glocal! I foresee a record number of ingeniously developed animation properties being announced over the next few months itself. Also, I expect tremendous increase in the levels of international collaboration (much beyond the cost rationale of outsourcing work) as Indian studios dream and scheme to make their concepts more global. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit I sincerely commend the NASSCOM team for putting up this great line up for 07. To me, the entire event this year is more of a ready-made BLUEPRINT for making India as the Animation and Gaming “Superpower” Right from opportunities & strategies for new entrants to recommended growth patterns for existing players, the conference covers everything one needs to know if one is serious about this industry. If all of us can execute on the knowledge that we gain out of these thought-provoking sessions, I have no doubt that next year we’ll have a tough time choosing which success story to feature as there might be many of them around! Another thing that strikes me about this event is the willingness of the community to share their successes and failures. Being a part of it last year as well, I found the sheer synergy of the event simply unparalleled to any other. Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest The Animation Super Pitch is one of the most exciting sessions and I definitely look forward to knowing more about the other finalists. With our presence in Singapore and India, I also look forward to the session on regional competitiveness of India in this sector. nullExigent3D Director Jesse Razpack Outlook 2007 I see the gaming culture in India starting to mature in 2007. With Microsoft really pushing the next-gen Xbox 360 and more players getting their hands on game consoles in general, the awareness of gaming as a career path will be increased. As more and more international clients start outsourcing cutting edge art work to Indian studios, many artists from the animation and FX industries will make the transition to gaming to address the need for experienced talent. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit This is my first NASSCOM event so Iâ€?m really looking forward to everything! In regards to the gaming industry, Iâ€?m very excited to be at the show to meet with other developers throughout the country and hear about what they are doing. nullX Media Lab CEO Brendan Harkin Outlook 2007 Definitely the advent of mobile gaming as a business for developers. This is what the X|Media|Lab panel’s explicit focus Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit I think it’s an awesome line-up of people – a real â€?who’s whoâ€? of India animation and gaming. I am particularly interested in the perspectives regarding 1) the ways local companies can participate in the global mobile content markets; 2) the business strategies and infrastructures needed to grow small, local businesses into larger, international businesses; and 3) the training and education strategies and infrastructures needed to supply the right creative and technical talent that will underpin all such growth. nullUTV Founder & CEO Ronnie Screwvala Outlook 2007 One of the clear differentiators for this year is going to be the amount of original productions that companies in india invest in. Both domestic and international animation features will see major indian equity participation. This year is going to be a decade since utv started indiaâ€?s first long format outsourced animation service. It is commendable that a industry has spawned so rapidly since our first effort and this year will make a mark worldwide at the top end of the value chain of animation. Gaming too will see some major equity ownership by indian companies. UTV will invest more than gbp 8 million in a next generation game for the ps3 and hopes to lead the way for several indian companies to target the top end of the game value chain. nullVCL Creative Director Pankaj Khandpur Outlook 2007 There is no question that India is now firmly entrenched on the animation map of the world. More and more complete animation projects are being done here; the interesting thing is that even design and pre-production is happening in India, which is a very healthy sign. Coupled with the fact that feature animation, as opposed to just TV or Flash based work is being produced in India, shows that India is fast going up the value chain. In VFX, the door has opened as well, though at the bottom and middle levels of the chain. All the big VFX houses (Sony, ILM etc.) are already outsourcing, or are seriously considering outsourcing. And the interesting thing is that the independent studios in the West are already executing higher-level work in India; the only way to go now, is up! Gaming too is now being taken quite seriously; all the Indian players are adding to gaming skills, which can only be a good thing. The downside, ofcourse, is too few artists. Salaries are fast becoming unreal, and Indian artists have not understood the importance of staying on projects right through to delivery. This is not a good sign, and has been brought up repeatedly as a matter of great concern by many of our foreign prospects. Indian industry needs to focus on qualified, professional training, with an emphasis on soft-skills, apart from mere tool-learning. This will create world-class artists, rather than just competent operators. This is the real need of the hour. nullKahani CEO Biren Ghose Outlook 2007 *Consumer catchment to grow three to five fold due to increased penetration of -TV Networks -Computers@home/cafes -Handheld devices (Games) -Mobilephones – Organised Retail *Corporatisation of Gaming & Animation Cos -Big ticket entrants -Size of deals and investments – More realistic Business models *Arrival of Animation on the big screen (Intl. + local) *Indian look and feel will travel Animation will travel Internationally Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit Reflect on the growth and opportunities by sharing information and plans with local and International leaders. Cross fertilisation between animation and gaming(Technology, talent and IP). New entrants/ investors to get the benefits from seniors/ mentors. Sessions at NASSCOM Summit that are of special interest I am the most disappointed of all because there are two tracks and i would like to attend every session on each track. I personally feel that The Super Pitch in the years to come, can be the big idea for this conference. From a Kahani World perspective, programming for Indian kids and Indian content and IP are obviously the most relevant sessions. nullPRIME FOCUSâ€? Amit Gupta Outlook 2007 I see a clear boom in times to come and the indicators are already here. Indian producers need to start thinking out of the box instead of risk mitigation. Outsourcing would continue but what I have noted that the creative talent which is the most critical asset in this industry is not satisfied with working on back-end jobs for international productions. Creatively and Technology wise they are none less than their international counterparts. They want their juice and they want their recognition. Thus I definately see a lot of manpower turnover from outsourcing companies to IPR based companies. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit This is the first time I am going to NASSCOM so I am looking forward to the overall show. nullMel CEO Rajesh Turakhia Outlook 2007 This is a very good year, shaping up both for services and IP. The domestic market is booming and the talent pool is becoming better and better to deliver good work in these verticals. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit I expect to learn more about new market trends and opportunities as well as to observe peers in the industry coming together to discuss issues of common importance. It is time to take stock of our competitiveness and so i am looking forward to those sessions Sessions looking forward to – Gaming: will India follow China, Korea – Indiaâ€?s position of regional competitiveness nullIndiagames CEO Vishal Gondal Outlook 2007 This year has been declared year of broadband, it has MTNL & BSNL increasing their speeds to 2 mbps. This is a huge step and we feel that this will make it the year of gaming. Broadband is the fuel of gaming, a lot of activity is expected this year and this is the year of gaming. Sony will probably come with PS3, XBOX is already launched, Nintendo will come with Wii and the large gaming cos who are setting their backend lots of activity. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit One place where everyone from Animation and Gaming meet together, Scope for a lot of things going on. nullExcel Home Video MD Muslim Kapasi Outlook 2007 Animation & Gaming is on the threshhold to take off. With all the big investments coming in, improvement of quality as well as distribution. Anticipation from NASSCOM Its my first time . I do look forward to meeting a whole lot of people at the function. Knowing what the status on their projects is, getting an update from colleagues and peers. Learning from the event more about the production side. nullVirgin Comics CEO Suresh Seetharaman Outlook 2007 India will soon emerge as a High quality animation creator. This can happen with extra attention given to the visual stimuli and appeal. Also content that can showcase our Myths, Legends, Magic along with Modern India in a fashion that has universal appeal. Anticipation from the NASSCOM Summit Every thing that is new to be seen or heard the industry or its individuals have been doing or has achieved over the last year and what their plans for the new year would be of great interest.