India’s leading animation studio has a new name

India’s leading animation studio has a new name. Crest communication Limited is now Crest Animation Studios Limited. A resolution to that effect was passed at the company’s AGM held on September 20. Crest Animation Studios CEO AK Madhavan told Animation ‘xpress that “The word Communications in the name was being misconstrued by a lot of people, giving the impression that Crest was something to do with IT or networking. Since the company is a pure play animation studio now, we thought it apt to change the name to Crest Animation Studios Limited.” The board had recommended passing the special resolution on 30 July 2004. Following is an excerpt from the recently published Annual report of the company (Page 12, Item no.8) null“The company operates in 2 distinct segments of business namely animation and non animation. The non animation business covers post production, studio, live action film production, dubbing etc., whereas the animation business covers computer generated animation films and special effects. The industrial environment is no longer conducive to the growth of non-animation business of the compnay. The company has decided to refocus its attention to its animation business. Hence the production facilities at the animation studios are being upgraded and expanded substantially. Based on the growing demand for the company’s animation business, the company has invested Rs 12.17 crores during the financial year 2003-2004 in the production facilities. In addition the company has increased the number of computer animators from 124 to 229 during the year, which has resulted significant increase in the production capacity of the company and helped the company to upgrade its animation studios. In present name the word “Communication” does not reflect properly the company’s changed focus on animation activities. Also, the company has its own studio where it has all production facilities for animation activities. Hence, it would be desirable to change the name of the company from “Crest Communication Limited” to “Crest Animation Studios Limited.”