Indian Presence set to Surge at Annecy & Mifa 2012

With every passing day, a growing number of Indian studios are joining the strong Indian delegation set to participate at Annecy & Mifa 2012, the world’s largest Animation Festival and Trade Fair respectively. The event is slated to be held from 4th to 9th June 2012 in Annecy, France amidst the French Alps.

At last count, there were 18 companies and more than 22 professionals from India already registered and around 6 more companies expected to sign-up in the coming week. The companies include DQ Entertainment, Krayon Pictures, Accel Animation, ACK Media, Vaibhav Studios, Studio 56, SideFX Entertainment, Firefly, Eden Animation, Turtle in Motion Studios, BFX-CGI, Void Films, Aura Cinematics, Claycard Studios, DSK Supinfocom, Morph Information Technologies, The Entertainment Hub and Over the years Mifa has grown in stature as a *Must Attend* business event for the ecosystem with more than 450 exhibitors, 230 Buyers, 30 Country Pavilions in the 2011 edition and with more than a dozen different activities addressing different aspects of the creation, technology and the business life cycle of animation. No doubt that the event pulled in 7300 delegates for Annecy in 2011 and 2300+ delegates for Mifa 2011 with the numbers for 2012 set to rise by 8 to 10%. The Indian Animation Pavilion being organized by The Entertainment Hub with media partnership from is going to ensure that Indian companies that are part of the pavilion get a proper exposure and promotion. It plans to have official pavilion to pavilion meet-ups with other country pavilions; and publish and distribute the Indian Pavilion Directory and Indian Animation Showreel, plans are also afoot to organize an India Tea Party on one of the afternoons and have potential International Clients and partners sip on exotic Indian tea as they watch some amazing Indian properties and production reels, having meetings with Indian companies and exploring the synergy potential with India. Animation Film Makers Vaibhav Kumaresh and Siddharth Maskeri are the invited film makers this year, with the full fledged support of the Audio Visual division of the French Consulate and the Mifa organizers and with Assistance from the Indian pavilion. You can watch out for constant updates as team India bats at Annecy. Meanwhile, here’s interesting insights and comments made by studios and film makers visiting Annecy this year. NISHITH TAKIA, CO-FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, KRAYON PICTURES Annecy has been love at first sight for me, ever since I’ve been there in 2010, I have always looked forward to it as it’s the most comprehensive event for the animation ecosystem covering business, networking, co-development, distribution, creative and the entire value chain. This year Annecy & Mifa is going to be even more special to me, my studio Krayon and all our colleagues, as Delhi Safari our feature is getting screened at Annecy as an official selection (out of competition). This is a validation and hallmark of the quality of our film. We are also doing a lot of production work for International companies. So my hands this year at Mifa are full, and so is my appointment schedule. I am looking forward to getting back a lot of production work of the highest quality; to discussing the sequel of Delhi Safari and to pitching some new interesting projects for co-production. We are part of the Indian Pavilion where a strong team from India is participating at Annecy. We in fact have 3 members from Krayon who will focus on different aspects of the event as there is so much that no individual can cover it all. TAPAAS CHAKRAVARTI, CHAIRMAN & CEO, DQ Entertainment Mifa over the years has undeniably become one of the major international trade fair markets for animation producers, content creators & buyers and leading industry professionals. DQE is looking to cover the complete gamut of content creation from creative, concepts, animation to the business aspect focusing on licensing and distribution and collaborating with other major global production & broadcast houses to co-produce different projects. We will be showcasing some of the projects which are currently under development at DQ such as 5& IT, Peter Pan, Jungle Book – 2 and Lassie amongst others. Like every year I am looking forward to attending Mifa at Annecy with great expectations . It is a great platform for connecting with co-production partners to discuss possibilities of new projects and meet other industry professionals like writers, directors etc. We also look forward to seeing the brilliant works done by other studios and professionals across the world. I would like to thank Anand Gurnani and Animation Xpress for doing so much in increasing the presence of India at Annecy .” AMBAR NAIR, OWNER, BFX CGI Mifa Annecy has been an amazing experience for me, both in terms of the location, as well as the event. I’ve been attending MIFA and the festival since 2006 – I remember we bagged our first major CG series production, as well as our first feature at MIFA, and every year’s been fantastic at the market. We’re currently working on a gamut of productions, ranging from CG features to series, keeping both our animation and our VFX divisions busy. I hope to have a successful market this year, and to also watch a ton of films in my free time. The Indian pavilion guys have been hard at work to ensure that our representation makes a great impression at the market. ANIRBAN NAG, CEO, EDEN ANIMATION MIFA is one of the best markets where you get the chance to meet many talented artists, producers, directors, writers and most importantly the buyers from Europe as well as other parts of the world. Lots of fresh concepts are pitched and shown during the event and the tranquil environment of Annecy gives a wonderful opportunity for networking. We have participated the event last year and immediately MIFA became ‘a must attend’ event for our company. This year we are looking forward to meet our old friends and new companies interested in co-production of animated films and TV series. SUKANKAN ROY, FOUNDER, AURA CINEMATICS Annecy never returns deserving, empty handed. From business to fun it’s a total package. It is a must visit event for every Indian Animation Studio. My experience with Annecy had been great and I am looking forward to lot many years of participating there. Most importantly it is a key event to make you dare to look beyond the US majors. Mifa 2012 will be no different and I am sure, the new participants will surely gain from the event. I will be looking forward to lot more friends from across the world with similar business synergies. Let’s rock it up for this year round! AMIT RATHOR, FOUNDER & CEO, SIDEFX ENTERTAINMENT “SideFX has been doing high quality animation for various producers and has earned its respect among its clients from various parts for the world. We belive that the participant at MIFA will find value in spending time with us as MIFA is the event where creative brillinace and trade focus come together providing an environment for brainstorming and deal making at the same time. This is the first time we are participating in MIFA event and we are very excited. We intend to meet some great artists, partner with various producers, identify script writers for our forthcoming projects and meet like minded people Looking forward to be in Annecy.” VAIBHAV KUMARESH, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, VAIBHAV STUDIOS Though i have been a visitor at MIFA before i will be officially participating in it for the first time this year. I sincerely thank Animation Xpress, MIFA and the French Embassy for choosing us to represent our country this year. It’s an absolute honour and a brilliant opportunity to showcase our country’s true potential. We are going to pitch our feature length film Return of the Jungle: Josh, Dosti aur Taqat. Its primarily targeted at Asian Indians thankfully settled all over the world :). I am curious to see what reaction it generates from foreign producers and buyers. I can assure you that VaibhavStudios will do its best to make India proud at Annecy. Regardless of what the outcome of pitch is I am thrilled and excited like a kid to be attending Annecy12!! So many films to watch, so many inspiring people to meet and of course the beautiful little town of Annecy to soak in! Many many thanks in advance for all this. SIDDHARTH MASKERI, FOUNDER – WRITER & DIRECTOR, VOID FILMS The Pickle Jar Adventure is a close to heart project and bringing it to Annecy is a romantic breakthrough. We are humbled by the faith of Animation Xpress, MIFA and The French Embassy in our project and we are all set to keep that faith going. It will be a joy to meet friends from various cultures and share this project that we have been cultivating with utmost love and passion. I am coming to Annecy with hopes of many and to join hands with many more with the only vision, to make it happen. KUSHAL RUIA, STUDIO HEAD, ACK ANIMATION STUDIO “This would be ACK Animation Studio’s first time at Accecy/Mifa. We have been working on some very exciting projects over the last 2 years with some even more exciting stuff coming-up in the near future. I am looking forward to not only showcasing these projects to the international animation community but also see all the amazing films and work being done by our peers from around the world” – RAJSHREE AGGARWAL, VP-Marketing, Turtle In Motion Studios  MIFA is known to be one of the best markets where lots of fresh concepts are pitched and showcased during the event. We have been working on several wonderful IP’s and are brimming with excellent ideas coming-up in the near future. This is the first time we are going to participate at MIFA to get the chance to meet many talented artists, producers, directors, writers and most importantly the buyers from Europe as well as other parts of the world. I believe the environment of Annecy lends a wonderful opportunity for networking and particularly for business partnerships & tie -ups We are looking forward to meet new friends and companies interested in co-production of animated films and TV series. NAGESH H N, CO-FOUNDER, FIREFLY CREATIVE STUDIOS Firefly… Did you see it? Over the last 9 years, it has developed a high degree of skill and reputation in putting very complex, high-quality photoreal Computer Generated Imaging (CGI, a.k.a Visual Effects/VFX) on film screen. We at Firefly, have done it all by ourselves, purely on merit, without any external funding or godfathers in the industry. So we thoroughly understand – hands on – what it takes. With our ongoing in-house mentoring process, we have also groomed a second generation of potential leaders in Creative & Visual Development, Technical Development, Film Grammar and Problem Solving skills. With core talent, responsiveness and hard work now running deep in our team, we believe that we are ready to go international. With many options on hand this direction, we believe this opportunity with us today… Annecy and Mifa will help us uniquely to expand our footprint worldwide. We are looking for customer who is basically any film-maker anywhere in the world who requires high quality CGI elements in her/his film. We have been doing this for 9 years now, and earned a reputation in the Telugu and Tamil film industries (South India), as the go-to studio for High-end CGI requirements. Our USP is our ability to conceive, design, shoot and execute ultra-complex, ultra-high-resolution & photoreal CGI scenes involving Creature Animation and Digital Sets for films. In CGI circles worldwide, this is known to be the Holy Grail of CGI. We see our current setup in Hyderabad, India as the nucleus for our worldwide operations. And we want it to be one of the global hubs for feature film CGI. We have curiosity and expectations from Annecy 2012 which will be our first attempt at the festival, we sure looking forward to it. Wow France! Wow Annecy!! PRABHAT KIRAN, FOUNDER, CLAYCARD STUDIOS The vision at Claycard Studios is to do the most high end International quality work in stop motion and miniature and to create our own properties and iconic characters that lend themselves not only to long form entertainment content but also to the world of virals and merchandising, keeping in sync with this vision what better place than Annecy & Mifa to go to? !!! We are looking forward to find companies with whom our genre and work philosophy matches, the longer interest being to find synergy and eventually co-produce. This trip is also a research and exploration trip to observe the cutting edge trends in the world of animation be it the business and the creative. TARUNA UMMATT, CEO, MORPH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES We at MORPH Technologies, have long been aware of the high regard in which the Annecy is held in the international animation community. We are excited that our first visit to the Annecy will be as an official nominee, and that too upon our very first submission of a entry to this event !!! For us MIFA is a great opportunity for professional growth. We expect to meet, collaborate, exchange ideas and improve our understanding of the current state, and future growth trajectories of different animation-related verticals. On a more general note, we feel that Annecy is a forum in which to see and be seen. Professionals networking and rubbing shoulders with one another, in any event dedicated to their particular specialisation, are certain to improve not only their, but their peers’ , understanding of the state of the art of their Craft . To wax lyrical for a moment, the iron of professional excellence is forged as well as tested, by the fire of critical peer evaluation . On the Bharat Mata wavelength, it’s a fantastic opportunity for our company, MORPH Technologies, to showcase the strengths and potentialities of a resurgent India : we also feel that, as in the programming world, India has a genuine window of opportunity to become a world-beater through frugal services provision of quality work – as China has done in manufacturing.