In Talks with Abhra Banerjee, Executive Business Head – Century ply on their Latest CGI- LIVE ACTION ‘Share the Anger’- Gorilla TVC

Centuryply, a market leader in plywood and related products, unveils an\ innovative advertising campaign ‘Share the Anger’ to communicate a new interpretation to the brand tagline ‘Sab Sahe Mast Rahe’. The TVC of the campaign is based on the character of Peter Jackson’s King Kong with the first ad launched on World Anger Day to leverage the communication relevance. The creative campaign, with its mix of world- class special effects, humor and excitement has proven to be an instantsuccess. The video of the ad was featured on the official Facebook page of YouTube on the day of its release, and within a month, it had nearly 150K views on the video sharing website. Kolkata based ad agency BATES has ideated and conceptualized the campaign. A team of 15 artists were involved for a span of two and a half months to complete the commercial, the TVC has been shot in Poland by Mr. Vinod P Vijay of Lemon Yellow Sun Films. The commercial also has a composite of animation; the extensive animation of the Gorilla was done by No Label, Poland while the motion capture session was done in Alvernia Studios based in Krakow, Poland which is one of the most advanced studios of Europe. Talking about the campaign, Mr. Abhra Banerjee, Executive Business Head expressed,” We wanted to create a brand campaign that reinforces our bond with our consumer and has the power to touch an emotional chord. The campaign drives home the core functional benefits of using Centuryply in a format that appeals to our upwardly mobile consumer.” “When we started working on the TVC, the first step was to identify the right partners. For this, We spoke to a few leading production houses in India. When we met Vinod from LYSF, somehow his passion and enthusiasm for the job gave us a lot of confidence. The next step was to identify the right animation/CG house. That’s where No Labels, Poland came in. What followed was two and a half months of shoot, animation and CG development in three different stages: 1. Character creation, 2. Car crash 3. Other VFX For each of these stages, there were specialized teams assigned on the jobs. When the job was confirmed, LYSF immediately started off with the CG for developing the gorilla since this was going to be our biggest challenge. What followed was an extensive research on all kinds of gorillas, their mannerisms and movements. Vinod, who was the Director, finally decided to use a silverback gorilla as the base and modify its looks to make it angrier. The model was done in Zbrush and then transferred to 3Ds Max for animation and rendering. Coinciding with this, the animation artist started work on the hair development, facial and body rigging, mocap tests as well as some dynamic tests for the car crash sequence.” “We had the Production Team, the Agency and the Client in Krakow for a 2- day shoot during which we grabbed HDR’s for every location for further re-lighting. The mocap session was done right after the shoot.” “After the offline was approved, we started camera tracking gorilla and other VFX effects on every shot. Rendering was done in Vray. Once the compositors started getting their renders, the compositing process started. Everything was comped in NUKE. The face rig was one of the most complicated tasks of the shoot; also, we also had lots of fun applying the mocap data to drive our gorilla. Overall, the commercial I would say was a fun experience.” he said Sharing his experience working on the TVC Arjun Mukherjee, ECD, Bates said,” The pressure was on, tension ran high and everyone was looking for that killer idea. And then it happened. Anger got the better of the team and turned them into growling monsters. It was total mayhem! Everyone started taking it out on the tables, chairs, doors, windows and other furniture. Many kicks and punches later an idea was born!! A basic humane motion was used to demonstrate the immense strength of Centuryply. Finally the dust settled, the anger evaporated quickly and we had our campaign.”

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