Immersive storytelling will be a reality as Quantum Storey collaborates with Hasbro for XR publishing

Quantum Storey, creator of the world’s first mass-market Extended Reality (XR) storytelling platform, announced a multi-year collaboration with Hasbro to bring immersive storytelling and experiential entertainment to children, fans, and families.

The first Quantum Storey/Hasbro collaboration, My Little Pony-Virtual Magic, will launch in spring 2022. Additional titles including Transformers and Clue are currently in development.

“Quantum Storey is excited to team up with Hasbro to add an entirely new dimension of interaction that will inspire young fans seeking a deeper connection with their favorite characters and to kick off this collaboration, we are introducing the world’s first Quantum Movie Novel, My Little Pony: Virtual Magic, based on Hasbro’s major hit film, My Little Pony: A New Generation,” said Quantum Storey CEO and founder J.M. Haines.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Quantum Storey to offer readers new and exciting ways to experience our brands through their innovative XR platform. My Little Pony is the perfect brand to launch with as consumers are eager to dive into the world of our new generation of characters, and learn more about their origins,” Hasbro Publishing content strategy head Marissa Mansolillo said. 

Quantum Storey’s proprietary (XR) platform revolutionizes reading through a multi-sensory, self-paced, and engaging framework, meeting the needs of a new generation. This immersive approach of layered engagement provides multiple pathways to spark a young person’s interest in reading and motivates them to share the fun with others.

Strategically placed PortalPoints facilitate a reward at the end of every chapter by transporting the reader inside the world they just read. Toggling seamlessly between traditional reading, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) in short bursts strengthens comprehension and makes screen time more productive by turning traditional reading into active engagement. An achievements panel promotes winning by reading, unlocking filters of characters in the previous chapters, and allowing parents to receive notification of their child’s reading success.

Transporting from the page to ‘Beyond the Story’ is the future of reading. Who would want to just read a book—when they can step inside! This collaboration with Hasbro will bring joy for the little ones.