Highly popular ‘SK8 the Infinity’ gears up for a new anime project

SK8 the Infinity has a new anime project in the pipeline, including a two-part stage play. It was announced at the “SK8 Masquerade of Love” event that a fresh SK8 the Infinity anime project is currently in the works. 

Directed by Hiroko Utsumi and animated by the studio Bones, SK8 the Infinity is an original anime series that premiered early this year. Ichirou Okouchi wrote the screenplay, while Ryou Takahashi composed the music. Chiaki Kobayashi and Tasuku Hatanaka star as main characters, Langa and Reki. In addition, Kensho Ono, Takehito Koyasu and Miyake Kenta also star in the series.

Set in Okinawa, the show follows a group of skateboarders who compete in secret, intense races under the cover of nightfall. The original SK8 the Infinity anime ran for a total of 12 episodes from 10 Jan to 4 April airing on television in Japan and streaming through Funimation, AnimeLab and Wakanim in other territories. A comedy-oriented spinoff manga titled SK8 Chill Out! by Toriyasu launched on 11 January. Meanwhile, a manga adaptation of the anime by Kazuto Kōjima launched on 5 March.

Funimation licensed and later dubbed the anime. They describe the SK8 the Infinity plot as: High school students Reki and Langa are hooked on one thing—a dangerous, top secret, no-holds-barred downhill skateboarding race called “S.” When Reki takes Langa, a transfer student, to the mountain where “S” is held, Langa finds himself sucked in. These colorful skaters will take you through a thrilling story of skateboard battles and unlimited possibilities!

SK8 the Infinity is a very well-loved and admired anime from studio Bones and the latest announcement about the upcoming series project was made on their official Twitter account. Studio Bones have also animated anime like Full Metal Alchemist and Ouran HighSchool Club. More information about the new project is expected to be available on the official website soon.

The two part stage-play named Sk8 the Play is also under production. It is said to debut in December 2021. The second part for the stage-play will open in January 2022.