Here are the Indian films that got shortlisted for the 24th DigiCon6 Asia Awards

Organised by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. (TBS Japan), the annual prestigious digital content competition in Asia is back and this time, the 24th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards will have strong participation from 17 Asia regions, including Cambodia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan. The awards ceremony will be held on 19 November 2022.

The event welcomes the participation of aspiring and talented creators throughout Asia and regional contests are organized in various Asian regions. The winners in each regional contest will then be eligible to further compete for the GRAND Awards. This year the contest received a humongous 120 entries from various Indian studios, institutes and individuals.

The entries were judged by the following jury members: Byju’s creative director Dhimant Vyas; IDC school of Design (IIT Bombay) adjunct professor & Srishti Manipal University of design and Technology immersive learning chair Nina Sabnani, Graphiti Multimedia founder Munjal Shroff, Toonz Animation creative director Narayanindra, and CEO and editor-in-chief Anil Wanvari.

Asia’s supreme short movie contest invited talented short film and animation creators to submit entries. All valid entries were judged fairly, regardless of professional or amateur status of their creators, based on a strict set of criteria. 

Here are Indian short films that got shortlisted for the esteemed pan-Asia contest:

Name of the category: DigiCon Gold
Name of the shortlisted entry: Lust in the Woods by Wackytoon Studios

Summary: Lust in the Woods is an adaptation of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s famous Novel, Arok. In the beginning of the story, Suresh decides to hunt a duck on the lakeside. At midnight, he reached the lake and waited behind the bushes. After a while, a group of ducks went into the water, but they were not ordinary ducks. They transformed into females and were dancing in the middle of the water. Suresh was hypnotized by them. He ran towards to catch them and a tragic consequence took place.

Name of the category: DigiCon Silver
Name of the shortlisted entry: Bhookh by Vivi5 Studios

Summary: Bhookh throws vivid light on the blind urge of human beings to keep consuming until there’s nothing left. It was created keeping in mind the destructive human tendency of turning a blind eye to the damage we are causing to nature with our careless and wasteful practice of over-consumption. While we claim our planet is our only paradise, we treat it atrociously. It contains a somber message, warning us of serious consequences and a lifetime struggle for future generations through comical metaphors.

Name of the category: DigiCon Silver
Name of the shortlisted entry: No Mask No Entry by MAAC Chowringhee

Summary: The film describes the consequences of not wearing a mask during the pandemic in a very dramatic manner. It aims to create awareness regarding the importance of wearing masks.  

Name of the category: DigiCon Next Gen
Name of the shortlisted entry: Take 2 by Anjali Chavan (student in Ajeenkya DY Patil University)

Summary: Take 2 is a story about an IIT aspirant who fails in an exam and gets depressed. The depression and self doubt increases to such an extent that he takes his life. However, the sequence turns out to be his nightmare. He then realises his dream is coming true as he actually fails in his exam and experiences déjà vu.

The awards ceremony will be held on 19 November 2022 at Marunouchi Hall, Tokyo, in JAPAN.

See you around!

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