launches its secondary marketplace and aims to attract one million wallets soon

After the successful roll-out auctions for Amitabh Bachhan’s rare NFTs and Stan Lee’s Chakraverse NFTs, BeyondLife.Club, powered by, launched its secondary marketplace to enable buyers to monetize on their owned NFTs. Expanding its scope of offerings, the marketplace will cater to both creators and collectors, who can now also list their NFTs on the secondary marketplace. Opening up a plethora of prospects, will enable trade on the marketplace for the community, thereby enhancing the market value of the product, also elevating the wealth value of the NFTs ensuring high returns on investment. With the launch of the marketplace, aims to attract one million wallets on the platform in the next six months. The global NFTs to be traded on the platform will focus on categories such as celebrities, music, art, sports and other interesting formats that are uniquely developed by 

Having created a strong collector community, the platform is working to provide multiple use-cases with NFTs. Additionally; it also allows secondary royalty rights to the original creator of the NFT art, which is one way to earn passively as an NFT artist. The platform with its secondary marketplace also allows NFT collectors, just like creators, to list their NFT on the platform.

Holding a futuristic view of NFTs, this will be the first-ever marketplace to provide a price index assuring price transparency to collectors using its core Legitimacy Protocol framework. Playing on the time value principle, it will determine both the current and future worth of your NFT by analysing the market trends. NFTs sold and auctioned on the marketplace will also be based on’s Anti-RIP NFT technology. The technology prevents the NFT from being copied from IPFS – thereby, protecting the exclusive rights of its owner which is currently a challenge in the NFT landscape.

GuardianLink and BeyondLife.Club co-founder and chairman Keyur Patel said, “Our last NFT drops have garnered a great response from NFT lovers across the country. To launch a secondary marketplace was a plan we were waiting to materialize and launching it today makes us proud and also prepared for the newer challenges and thrill. With the secondary marketplace launch, we aim to open up more earning opportunities for our artist and collector community. Allowing secondary sale royalty rights, we want to track the future trade value of NFTs while staying ahead of the curve and keeping pace with innovations in commerce and technology.” 

GuardianLink CTO and co-founder Arjun Reddy said, “With big tech giants like Meta, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube moving into the crypto/NFT ecosystem, new opportunities are exploding and we’d like to make cutting edge blockchain technology easily accessible to everyone through our marketplace, games and shared-verse.”

Pioneering the NFT segment in India, the marketplace allows users to create their own brand and exist in a decentralized architecture. Through the platform, creators can own their brand and build a deeper connection with their fans who cherish and follow their art. Having a strong presence in India with over 350 Blockchain Technologists for NFT, DeFi, Gaming, and Metaverse technologies, GuardianLink aims to expand its brand by adding new joint venture marketplaces. The technology brand is currently supporting 45+ NFT marketplaces in 30 countries supporting over 50 brands.