Growing children’s entertainment network, Kartoon Channel, launches in Germany, New Zealand and Philippines

Since Genius Brands International, Inc. (GNUS) launched the Kartoon Channel! in June 2020, the platform has rapidly grown worldwide, with new launches in Germany, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The official announcement was made recently by Kartoon Channel! Worldwide co-president Paul Robinson.

In September, Genius Brands will launch a FAST Kartoon Channel! on Waipu, the largest OTT platform in Germany. The company also recently debuted Kartoon Channel! in New Zealand on Samsung TV Plus, and in the Philippines on Tapp Digital.  Kartoon Channel! branded blocks are currently available in 65 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

“Our international strategy is to build on the successful launch in the U.S. by providing a high-quality entertainment service for kids, ‘Content with a Purpose,’ including our own original series such as Rainbow Rangers, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten and the brand new Shaq’s Garage. We offer Kartoon Channel! as a Pay TV channel, branded blocks, AVOD or SVOD, which gives platforms and partners unrivalled flexibility, as well as localising to individual markets. We expect these agreements and others in process to contribute meaningfully to our revenue and earnings going forward,” said Robinson.

Genius Brands’ digital network, Kartoon Channel! is a family entertainment destination that delivers enduring childhood moments of humour, adventure, and discovery.

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