Greengold’s Vikram aur Betaal to air on Cartoon Network

A still from Greengold's Vikram aur Betaal
Hyderabad based Greengold animation seems to have got its stars in the right place. Just recently they announced Chota Bhim and now we have news that they have sold the India satellite rights of their 85 minute 2D animated feature Vikram aur Betaal to Cartoon Network.The feature is targeted at a 11+ audience. Speaking exclusively to Animation ‘xpress, Greengold director Rajiv Chilakalpudi said ,”We are extremely excited to be working with Cartoon Network on this. They have been extremely proffesional and cooperative, and we are happy that they are trying to do something for the Indian Kids by buying Indian Animation content. We would love to work with them on more orginal Indian Projects in the Future.” The story of Vikram aur Betaal is based on a King named Vikramaditya, who was not only famous for his courage and bravery but also for his wisdom and justice. A Sage sends King Vikramaditya on an impossible mission to get a corpse from the middle of a Jungle. The sage plans to use his tantrik powers to kill Vikramaditya once he gets the corpse of Betal.The corpse that Vikram is after is possed by a ghost named Betal, a very clever ghost who loves to tell stories and pose questions to King Vikram in order to test his wisdom and sense of Justice. Sharing production specs with Animation ‘xpress, Rajiv stated,”Besides 3 script writers, about 60 people have worked on the show for about 9 months. The team of 60 people consisted of 1 Show Director, 2 Animation Directors, 2 Story Board Artists, 2 Character Designers, 2 Layout Artists, 4 BG Artists, 15 Animators, 20 Asst. Animators, and 8 Ink & Paint Artists and 4 Digital Compositors” “Green Gold Animation holds 100% rights for Vikram Betal in all countries and regions. The show is completely financed by us. We are looking to sell the rights for different regions and we are already talking with various distribution companies across the world.” he concluded.