Ghose and the art of making ‘ANIMONEY’

Anigraph ’04 complete coverage: Day 2

A wonderful orator and supremely smug, Animation Bridge CEO Biren Ghose won a lot of adulation from the audience, speak as he did on the universally favourite subject of making money.(Making money out of animation in this context)
Animation Bridge CEO Biren Ghose : "Let's make Animoney."
Coining new words such as ‘Animoney: (Making money out of animation) and ‘5D: {A project that involves the usage of both techniques (2d and 3d)}. Biren’s presentation was well supported with fact sheets, graphs and pie charts. Biren also enlisted in points, things that according to him were working in favour of and against Indian animation. Enlisted below are some of the points that Biren made:- What’s working for us (for Indian animation) – A good tradition in the audio visual field – Excellence in Movie and Television production – Art & Culture bias – Management & Systems – Quality BPO culture – Asia/India connectivity to the consumer – Learning curve (On the up) – Ability to absorb technology quickly What’s standing against us (against Indian animation) – Geopolitics. Is India safe for business – We are not yet a media CO-production/outsourcing destination – Studios lack intense business culture and professional focus Biren urged the students to be aspirational saying, “I have been lucky to have worked for 20 years in different fields that have paid me well, after which I came into the field of animation. For me the pressures are much lesser, but for you, your dreams should be fuelled by cash. While you are studying or working, while you are making a living, think of an idea which you will one day take to the market.” Biren identified home entertainment as a huge opportunity where India can develop ideas and creatives for the international market. He pointed out that entertainment as an Industry in India had not attracted FDI inflows in comparison to other industries.”Why don’t we show the world that we have enough ideas, enough talent to generate huge revenue.” said a visibly charged Biren. Touching upon the area of value creation, Biren stated that intangible assets such as goodwill, processes, knowledge and experience are the X factor needed for success. He justified his statement by citing the example of which was taken over recently by eBay for an approximate Rs 250 crores.