GAFX 2022 to kickstart from 28 April

India’s premier event on animation, visual effects, gaming and comics is all set to make a comeback in a physical form on the 28 and 29 April 2022. Yes, GAFX is live and ALIVE! GAFX 22 will be a true celebration of the creative technologies and talent that has made India and Bangalore in particular a recognised global hub for the animation, VFX and games and comics (AVGC) industry. 

B.S. Srinivas

“GAFX 2022 is a conference, an exhibition, a competition, a showcase and a meeting point for artists seeking jobs and growth and inspiration all in one event. It is the intersection of person to person contact live and simultaneously in virtual mode and is curated to be a gathering of artists, technology professionals, AVGC business executives, faculty and students from academia, researchers, financiers and much more,” said ABAI secretary B.S. Srinivas.

GAFX this year will place a special emphasis on the creative and give greater prominence to the amazing imagery created by studios right here in Bangalore, India which has become a fountain of excellence for AVGC content creation both for domestic and international players. 

Biren Ghose

ABAI  president and Technicolor Creative Studios country head Biren Ghose says: “We see global majors beating a path to India and Bangalore, which is the unofficial ‘country capital’ for AVGC production, has been able to build scale as in other tech industries. This event celebrates the partnership between the State Government industry and Academia and showcases the multiplicity of initiatives that ABAI has undertaken to help fuel the ecosystem.” 

Several global majors such as Walt Disney Animation, DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Netflix, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and many others have seen Bangalore making a substantial contribution to their global work share in the creation of games, movies and episodic content. 

The conference will feature tracks on the future of skills, the future of work, the future of new technologies such as virtual production and bring in the pioneers to demonstrate projects that were created even during the pandemic as this industry continued to grow at a blinding pace. Many of these sessions will be the first revelation of these developments.

The GAFX 2022 lineup of speakers comprises industry veterans and thought leaders- including the winners of multiple Oscars, British Arrow, VES awards and Cannes Golds and several India awards. 

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