Frameboxx & team up to launch ‘Framepost‘

nullFrameboxx Animation Visual Effects (FAVE) has collaborated with to launch ‘Framepost‘, a fortnightly internal online newsletter developed for circulation within the Frameboxx universe consisting of students, faculty members, management staff and business partners amongst others. Framepost will cover all the internal happenings of all the Frameboxx centers spread across India along with the overall developments around the Frameboxx brand and would essentially serve as a communication tool.

The content for this newsletter would include write-ups, news articles, interviews, student and teacher blogs and will showcase the work of Frameboxx students and Frameboxx Incubation. In addition to this, industry news, views and reports by AnimationXpress will also be featured in the same so as to keep the students updated with the industry scenario. The brains behind Framepost are Sachin Bhatnagar, VP – New Media along with CEO and Executive Director, Naveen Gupta. Another first brought to all, by FAVE.

Speaking about this new development, Naveen Gupta, Executive Director, Frameboxx says, “As a big and multifaceted organization with a lot of employees, it is very important to have a communication medium which keeps everyone abreast with the latest developments within the organization and in the industry. This also helps in motivation and creating a competitive environment. For the students, its an excellent resource to keep themselves updated with the industry. We are very excited to collaborate with AnimationXpress as our content & delivery partner for Framepost. I am sure this would again set one more milestone in our success story and every team member will gain immensely from this initiative.

Anand Gurnani, Co Founder CEO and Managing Editor, expressed, “Collaboration with companies across the value chain has always been one of the core characteristics of, even as the team continues to further its editorial and information engine. With Framepost, AnimationXpress along with Frameboxx have teamed up to innovate and create a special online publication and newsletter that will focus on news, information and perspectives from the Frameboxx universe and will reach out to all its students and value chain. It is a very unique product and we are looking forward to doing a great job of it along with Frameboxx”

The first issue of Framepost was released recently and can be found on

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