Exclusive: Sanskrit animated film ‘Punyakoti’ comes alive on big screens through Teriflix

Animation lovers can now witness Punyakoti, the first ever Sanskrit animated film, on the big screens, as the Ravi Shankar directoral is now available on Teriflix. 

Teriflix is a growing chain of mini-theaters in Bengaluru where customers can enjoy a theatrical experience of movies and shows of their choice, by simply booking at a date and time of their choice.

Unlike streaming or OTT platforms, where films are available at a given subscription rate and can be watched at a limited possible (as high as feasible) resolution, through Teriflix, one can have the best cinematic experience aided with audio and visual clarity. A small group(s) of friends or family who wish to enjoy a private screening or a theatrical experience within a cozy and closed environment, Teriflix is perhaps the best solution for them. 

Speaking about taking up the animated musical, and how he thinks it will reach their target audience, Teriflix co-founder Prashanth N Udupa told Animation Xpress, “Punyakoti is the first animation film in our library, and we take immense pride in featuring India’s first Sanskrit animation film in our private screening library. Punyakoti is a musical and Illayara Sir’s music is best enjoyed in a theatrical setup. The film has not been released in multiplexes. It went straight to OTT on Netflix. For us it is exciting because Teriflix is the only place right now where people can get an authentic theatrical experience of the film. Otherwise they have to manage with headphones or TV speakers.” 

Udupa also informed that Teriflix also offers a free and open-source screenwriting app called Scrite. Close to 2000 budding writers and even experienced ones are already using Scrite for writing their films. The product has a feature called Scriptalay where the team features screenplays of films. The screenplay of Punyakoti is also featured in that library. 

Commenting on this new development, Shankar shared with us, “Teriflix is a rising mini-theatre in Bengaluru. It is a new form and way of consuming cinematic content. When I met Udupa, the founder of Teriflix, I was convinced that it is the right platform for Punyakoti, as it provides for a family or a small group of cinema lovers, a personalised viewing experience. So for me, it was an innovative platform for an innovative product like Punyakoti.”

So folks in Bengaluru, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and tickets to Punyakoti soon. Till then, here’s the feedback of those who’ve already watched: