Exclusive : Raj Comics’ upcoming comic book ‘Pralay ka Devta’ to be adapted into 3D animated series

Raj Comics is a native for many Indian comic superheroes like Nagaraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Parmanu, and now publisher is extending its arm into the world of animation with the debut of 3D animated series Pralay ka Devta, an animated adaptation of the comic book of same name. The comic book is created and produced by Raj Comics co-founder and editor Sanjay Gupta.

Yesterday the comic book publisher dropped a stupendous 3D animated promo of their upcoming comic book Pralay ka Devta featuring Nagraaj and Tausi as the lead characters.

The story shows the vigorous face off between the two unshakable powerful superheroes, Nagraj and Tausi, who have to fight and win a battle of the world to become the superior Pralay ka Devta.

Animation Xpress got in touch with Sanjay Gupta to get more details about their upcoming comics Pralay ka Devta and animated series.

On asking what inspired him to come up with a 3D animated promo for the upcoming comic book, Gupta explained, “As a comic creator, I always felt that it is my utmost responsibility to take things to the next level. We were in talks with various independent artists and animation studios. The stature of this particular crossover is grand as this was the first time when two flagship characters of different publications are locking horns. I wanted to settle for nothing but the best for this project.”

Tausi, a shape-shifting snake, is the king of Naaglok which was originally created by Rituraj of Tulsi Comics, but later in 2017 the character rights was acquired by Raj Comics. Nagraj and Tausi have a vast fan-base because of their superpowers and ultimate machismo, so the upcoming faceoff (Nagraj vs Tausi) will be an action treat for comic lovers.

Describing the features of Tausi and Nagraj, Gupta said, “Both are two of the most iconic and powerful superheroes Indian comics have ever witnessed. Their Serpent powers and ichchadhari shakti are impeccable. While Tausi is a shapeshifter, ichchadhari naag, he’s powerful and fierce. Nagraj has his human side to his advantage; he’s the uncanny snake-man, vilakshan naagmanav.      

Revealing more information about the upcoming comic book, an excited Gupta mentioned, “It is the first-ever crossover of two flagship characters of two of the leading publications in the industry. We’re leaving no stones unturned. The first issue of this project, Naag Pralay is scheduled for release on the 25 July. The main issue Pralay ka Devta is 128 pages long, and we’re working on it.”

Animation for the upcoming series is created by Epigraphic Studios. Commenting about the association, Gupta added, “ Epigraphic Studios director Nitin Swaroop has already worked for us on 3D animated episodes of other Raj Comics characters. When I decided to go for a 3D promo, Swaroop and his studio was the first choice.”

Shedding light on the idea behind creating comics into a 3D animated series, Gupta commented, “I started working on the idea when Raj Comics acquired character rights for Tausi in 2017. Our writer, Nitin Mishra came up with the script for Pralay ka Devta in 2019, and after reading the script, I decided to get it developed as a 3D animated series.”

He further added, “Simultaneously we’re working on a full-fledged 3D animated series. Pralay ka Devta is being made into a 3D animated adaptation of the comic book. Fans always demanded and encouraged us to develop our characters and storylines into animated series. This will certainly make way for more upcoming projects.”

Gupta also revealed, “We’re working in different mediums apart from comic books. Motion comics and 3D animated series of our superheroes are already in the pipeline. We’re also working on a live-action adaptation of our characters.” 

Naag Pralay will hit the shops on 25 July and the main issue Pralay ka Devta will be launched in September.