Escotoonz delivers King for Decode Entertainment

null Fridabad based Escotoonz Animation Studio, the animation arm of the Escorts Group, recentlay delivered King (2D series) for its Canadian client Decode Entertainment. The series (39 episodes x 26 mins each) was a repeat order for the Indian studio which had already worked on Part 1 of the same. King, is set in Under (a fantasy world) and features Russel (the hero) who was crowned King of Under at the young age of 12. The show revolves around Russel’s efforts to protect his throne from evil aspirants such as Bobwire. Escotoonz is also in the midst of applying the finishing touches to Cyber Dodo a 2D series (37 episodes x 5 mins) which the studio had begun working on parallel to the production of King. Interestingly the studio was also involved with the pre (excluding script & voices) and post production for the show. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Escotoonz COO Prafull Gade said that,”Cyber Dodo was one of our first projects where we got the chance to show our creative inputs in the pre production stage. It’s not about how good you draw, but how good you design the show. It’s about making a film & not merely creating thousands of drawings” “One of the challenges about Cyber Dodo was that the show does not revolve around limited locations. The series covers children’s issues from all over the world. So while one episode happens in Africa, the other one happens in Asia. The critical thing was to create two different styles of characters, backgrounds, etc but still maintain the consistency in all 37 episodes” “The project which we began a year ago, is currently in the final phases of completion. The work process was different from “KING” (service), purely because of pre production. Lot of R&D was involved before the actual production. Again our creative inputs on these non-compiled elements needed to be approved by the client. It is important to have common & synchronized ideas along with your client. The animation production was fun for our team, since they could create & explore their own ideas onto paper” Escotoonz is also involved in doing lot of R&D work in developing games & animated content for the mobile segment. Commenting on future projects, Praful remarked,”The year 2005-06 looks very promising, where Escotoonz has one feature project under their belt & are negotiating two more with overseas producers.”