Entries for TVCAs shortlisted, judges comment on this year‘s films

nullThe direction map to reach IIT Powai, Mumbai has been uploaded on TASI‘s website. TASI has received 225 national and international entries for TASI Viewers Choice Awards (TVCA), which have been shortlisted by a panel of eminent professionals from the industry. The shortlisted films amount to over two-and-a-half hours of footage including all three categories- commercial, professional and student films. “This year we have got some brilliant varieties of films to screen for the public. There are some films with good storytelling while others have great design. There are many new styles of animation which will be seen this time. One pleasant surprise came from Indian film makers who have done some really quality work. I would like to thank all the pre selection panel members who took out their entire day to judge all the entries. TASI is also grateful to Frameboxx for offering their facilities to view the films,” said TASI Honorary Joint Secretary Vaibhav Kumaresh. A diverse variety of people have sent their entries for Anifest India ‘08, including some from Mehdipatnam, AP and Bhojpuri entries from Gorakhpur. With the quality improving with every year along with the increasing number of entries, TASI has tried to squeeze in as many films as possible for the audience to see. Apart from it being a competition, the screenings are meant for the audience to enjoy and learn from the different types of films made in the industry and vote for their favourite. The pre selection panel for the TVCA included Mehul Hirani of Crest; Uma Karwir, an animation evangelist; Anand Gurnani, AnimationXpress.com; Santosh Sawant, Phoebus Creations; Vijaykumar Arumugam, animation film maker, R&H and Faheem Siddiqui, Frameboxx.
Faheem Siddiqui
“The kind of films that have been entered into the competition is much better from what we have seen in the last few years. The quality of films has really improved and institutes have really nurtured the creativity in students. Their artwork and characterization has really improved and the thoughts, conclusion, climax and humour are very well portrayed and if there is a moral, it is well communicated. TVCA is a very good initiative taken by TASI and this festival is a wonderful opportunity for students and professionals, all streams of animation to come together under one roof and prove that they can produce quality work.” -Faheem Siddiqui.
Uma Karwir
“There has been a drastic improvement in quality of films being made, both in commissioned films and students‘ films categories. There are many more styles and combinations of animation used with a lot of experimentation. Audiences, be prepared for some awesome animation coming your way!” -Uma Karwir.  
Santosh Sawant
“Some really good films have been selected this year for the TVCA, especially in the students‘ category. One made by children below 10 years of age is my particular favourite. There are many different film making styles used in these films. TASI has done a great job with the TVCA and Anifest India as a whole. The festival and the films being screened will be very helpful and informative to all.” – Santosh Sawant.
Vijaykumar Arumugam
“I am extremely happy about the quality of the films this year. Moreover, the animation consciousness has been spreading in a large scale and that, in turn, has opened up the portal where things can be experimented with open mindedness and receptiveness. This maturity was certainly visible in entries that we had. It was wonderful to see some really mind blowing executions and new styles that have been attempted. It was refreshing and without any doubt progressing to a higher level in terms of quality. Some technical knowledge is so important to crack the desired style and treatment, especially in CG-based work.” Vijaykumar Arumugam “The message that strongly and very powerfully struck me was that the Indian animation industry has moved on to the next gear! I love the concept of getting the feedback of the films then and there from your viewers. For the film makers, it‘s a glorious stage to perform and showcase their impeccable abilities to express, inspire, attract and sometimes even transform the society. To the audience I‘d say, bon appetite!” – Vijaykumar.
Anand Gurnani
As is clear from the feedback of the judges, the audience is going to have three exciting evenings as they will get to watch some of the best animation work in the industry in the three categories of commissioned, professional and student films. On top of that you will get to judge the entries and vote for your favourite film and see it being awarded as the winner of TVCA! Anand Gurnani “The films have improved in quality over the last few years and there were a few institutions which stood out with consistent quality among all the entries while others lagged behind. My immediate thought after watching all the films was that the basics of storytelling and direction needs to be inculcated in students as I saw many films where students were trying to show their talent in texturing or rigging. A true film needs to have a strong story and flow.” “The democratic approach towards judging the film where the audience will choose the best film, is very appealing and gives the flavour of public demand. Students and professionals in the audience will get the best of the films that have been entered in the competition and each one has different and unique work to showcase and they will inform the audience‘s aesthetics and help them grow in their animation sensibilities. The films are not released in theatres and as a result the filmmakers will also get live feedback for their films which will help them in their career.” – Anand Gurnani. For pre registration click here connect@animationxpress.com

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